R&D Report for AY2000-01

Committee Members:
Steven N. Shore, Chair, Physics
Douglas Agbetsiafa, Business & Economics
Constance Deuschle, Education
Margarete Feinstein, History
Andrea Greitzer, Arts
Ann Grens, Biology
Beth Kern, Business & Economics
Gail McGuire, Sociology
Barbara Peat, SPEA

Research Award 
Recommended that Margaret Scanlan and Michael Darnel be co-winners of the Research Award.Approved by Vice Chancellor Guillaume 
Guideline Changes



Changed eligibility requirements to “no proposal will be accepted from an investigator with an open ** grant at the time of submission.”
It was decided that the number of deadlines should be changed to 2 during each academic year. This will help chairs and deans deal with summer scheduling.
Intellectual Property
Agreed that intellectual property belongs to faculty. Will not institute signing of rights over to university.
# of Proposal
# of Awards
Amount Awarded
Faculty Research Grants Round 1
5 Proposals
3 Awarded
Curriculum Development Round 1
2 proposals
1 funded
$ 3,000
Faculty Research Grant Round 2
9 proposals
6 funded
Curriculum Development Round 2
3 proposal
1 funded
Faculty Research Grants Round 3
8 proposals
2 funded
Curriculum Development Round 3
6 proposals
4 funded
$ 10,100
Seed Grant Program
3 proposals
3 funded
$ 9,000