R&D Report for AY2002-03

Committee Members:
Steven N. Shore, Chair, Physics
Doug Agbetsiafa, B&E
Ann Gren, Biology
Marsha Heck, Education
Gail McGuire, Sociology
Patricia Pierce, Nursing
John Proctor, SPEA
Carolyn Schult, Psychology
Ben Withers, Arts

Policy changes 8/22/02

September 2002

  • Implemented a vice chair system that will allow a first-year person to learn the role of chair without the responsibilities. This person would be confirmed as chair, if they are still willing the following year.
  • Decided that all final reports will be made available on-line
  • Discussed a possible "Research Day" or multi-disciplinary lecture series to promote research on campus
  • By an email vote it was decided that a simple majority was all that would be needed to pass a motion in the R&D Committee
Intellectual Property 8/22/02 Shore on University Research Policy Committee; will keep up informed.
Research Award 



Added wording that made it clear that dean's should be selective in sending over nominations.

Recommended that Peter Bushnell and Dan Olson receive the 2003 IUSB Distinguished Research Award.

Award Approved by Vice Chancellor Guillaume 

# of Proposal
# of Awards
Amount Awarded
Faculty Research Grants Round 1
12 Proposals
10 Awarded
Curriculum Development Round 1
0 proposals
0 funded
Faculty Research Grant Round 2
14 proposals 9 funded $68,685
Curriculum Development Round 2
4 proposals 1 funded $2,952
Seed Grant Program
2 proposals
2  funded