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Final Reports Internal Grants

Regional Research Grant

Grant Black, Business & Economics (July 2006) Benchmarking Local Economic Development Policies

Curriculum Development

Gretchen Anderson, Chemistry (Summer 2004) Conversion to Higher Technology Classroom Presentation in Biochemistry
Gretchen Anderson, Chemistry (Summer 2006) Development of Capstone Biochemistry Laboratory Course
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2008) Local government and public policy course
Nancy Botkin, English (Summer 2016) Designing a Supplemental Instruction Curriculum for First-Year Writing 
Joseph Chaney, English (Summer 2004) London and Paris Overseas Program: Becoming Modern: 1666-1870: The Paris Summer Course
Nancy Colborn, Library (Summer 2009) Q110 Introduction to Information Literacy
Tammy Fong-Morgan, World Languages (May 2005) Spanish S116 Elementary Spanish 2 with Review
Hayley Froysland, History (Summer 2012) The United States and Latin America’s Not-So-Cold War
Christina Gerken, Women's Studies (Summer 2011) Contemporary U.S. Immigration: Negotiating Identity and Community
Hossein Hakimzadeh, Computer Science (Summer 2009) On integrating problem solving and critical thinking
Chu He, English (Summer 2015) Ireland Overseas Program (Dublin, Galway, and Derry)
Lee Kahan, English (Summer 2008) Living History: A Study Abroad Experience in London and Edinburgh
Les Lamon, History (March 1999) Freedom Summer: A Study Tour of the Civil Rights Movement
Jeremy Linton, Education (Summer 2007) Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling
Monika Lynker, Physics (Summer 2004) Reform and Revitalization of the Calculus-Based Introductory Physics Sequence
Anne Magnan-Park (Summer 2010)
Creating an Intensive English as a Second Language Speaking Course for Graduate Students
Susan Moore, Arts (Summer 2005) Digital Photography
Shawn Nichols-Boyle, English (Summer 2015) Ireland Overseas Program (Dublin, Galway, and Derry)
Micheline Nilsen, Arts (Summer 2007) Exploring the City with GIS Documentation of Architectural Structures
Kelcey Parker, English (Summer 2010) Berlin & Prague: Dictatorship & Resistance in the 20th Century
Theo Randall, Anthropology (Summer 2013) The Anthropology of Addiction
Dennis Rodriguez, Psychology (Summer 2014) PSY-B399 VT: Brain Injury and Mental Health
Michael Scheessele, Computer Science (Summer 2004) C490/B657 Computer Vision
Rolf Schimmrigk, Physics (Summer 2007) Coherence and Synergy in the Upper Level Physics Curriculum

Rolf Schimmrigk, Physics (Fall 2014) From Faraday to Artificial Light, from Heisenberg to Cancer Detection -- From Pure Science to Technological Advances
Marjorie Rusche, Arts (Fall 2011)
Redevelopment of New MUS-K312 Instrumentation and Orchestration Course
Sara Sage, Education (Summer 2013) Revising Secondary Student Teaching for Co-Teaching
Carolyn Schult, Psychology (Summer 2011) Reacting to the Past Annual Summer Institute
Henry Scott, Physics (Summer 2008) The Nature of Evidence: A Central Theme for Two New Courses
Henry Scott, Physics (Summer 2009)
Politics and the Yellowstone Ecosystem
Mary Truex, Biology, (April 2002) Developing a Lab Curriculum for T100
Jay VanderVeen, Sociology/Anthropology (Summer 2009) Reconnaissance of a Site for ANTH-P405: Field Work in Archaeology
Harry Vasilopoulos, B&E (Summer 2015) Developing a Worldview of Business, Socio-Political, and Cultural Issues in a Global Economyu
Dana Vrajitoru, Computer & Information Science (April 2002) B424 Parallel and Distributed Programming
Lesley Walker, Foreign Languages (April 2000)  The Art of Looking: Women and French Cinema (French 361)
Lesley Walker, Foreign Languages (Summer 2004) London and Paris Overseas Program: Becoming Modern: 1666-1870: The Paris Summer Course 
Liqiang Zhang, Computer and Information Sciences (Summer 2008) C490/P545: Embedded and Real-Time Systems C490/P545: Embedded and Real-Time Systems
Lisa Zwicker, History (Summer 2015) Six-unit, four-week German language study abroad program in Berlin 

Faculty Research Grants

Karen Ackoff, Arts (Summer 2003) Art & Spirituality of the Natural World
Raman Adaikkalavan, Informatics (Summer 2009) Secure Event Streaming
Raman Adaikkalavan, Informatics (Summer 2011) Multilevel Secure Data Stream Management System
Mahesh Ananth, Philosophy (Summer 2010)
Bringing Biology to Life: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Biology
Gretchen Anderson, Chemistry (Summer 2001) Bacterial Use of Arsenite as an Energy Source
Benjamin Balthaser, English (Summer 2011)
The (New) Indian Intelligensia: Archie Phinney, Native Americans and Transnational Modernism, 1930 to the Cold War
Benjamin Balthaser, English (Summer 2014) Modernism and Anti-Imperialism: Race and Radical Culture from the Great Depression to the Cold War
Benjamin Baltaser, English (Summer 2016) Producing the Racial Subject:  Racial Subjectivity through Modes of Production in Richard Wright's 12 Million Black Voices
Oscar Barrau, World Languages (Summer 2005) Jacob Cromberger of Seville and the Origins of Spanish American Narrative
Oscar Barrau, World Languages (Summer 2006) The Case of Caribbean Island Isabella off the Coast of Japan
Oscar Barrau, World Languages (Summer 2009) Their Maps, Our Maps, and What to Think if They Do Not Have Any
Oscar Barrau, World Languages (Summer 2016) Marco Polo’s Book of Travels in Rodrigo Fernández de Santaella (1444-1509): Spanish Cosmography of Discovery 
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (March 2003) Getting Out the Vote in a Competitive Election: A Field Experiment for Publication
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2005) Getting Out the Vote in a Local Election: A Randomized Field Experiment
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2007) Voter Registration Field Experiments: Analysis and Publication
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2010) A
merican Political Science Association Civic and Political Engagement Book
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2013) Best Practices in Promoting Experiential Learning: A Chapter for Publication
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2014) Developing Civic Skills Through Student Organizations - Civil Society on Campus
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science (Summer 2016) Teaching and Learning Across the Disciplines
Vishal Bindroo, Business & Economics (Summer 2012) Agglomeration effects in collaborative clusters: the differential effects of competitor and supplier clusters on innovation
David Blouin, Sociology (Summer 2009) All in the Family? Understanding the Meaning of Cats and Dogs in the Lives of American Pet Owners
Cathy Borshuk, Psychology (November 2001) Common Humanity and Outgroup Threat as Determinants of Intergroup Advocacy
Rebecca Brittenham, English (April 2002) The 1960s University in the Public Imagination
Rebecca Brittenham, English (Summer 2013) Writing the Real World of Student Work
De Bryant, Psychology (Summer 2016) Tipping Point: Voices Averting the Fall
Kristen Budd, Criminal Justice (Summer 2013) Disentangling Perceptions of Sex Offender Laws:  Public Views on Social Control Mechanisms for a Heterogeneous Population
Peter Bushnell, Biology (April 2002) Shark Metabolism and Tuna Tracking- Sabbatical Leave Research
Peter Bushnell, Biology (Summer 2004) Biochemical Fitness of Overwintering Sea Bass
Peter Bushnell, Biology (Summer 2006) Oxygen Binding Properties of Sandbar Shark Blood
Peter Bushnell, Biology (Summer 2010) Physiological Ecology of the Greenland Shark
Jane Cera, Arts (Summer 2013) Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity
Ni Chang, Education (Summer 2007) Purposeful Dialogues between Parent and Child about A Child’s Drawing in the Promotion of Language and Literacy
Murali Chari, B&E (Summer 2007) Minority Acquisitions as a Strategy to Mitigate International Acquisition Risks
Shanqin Chen, Mathematical Sciences (Summer 2008) Fast Sweeping Method for Steady-State Solution of Conservations Laws
Yi Cheng, Mathematical Sciences (Summer 2009) Optimization of Screening Strategies
Thomas Clark, Biology (Summer 2004) The role of serotonin in pH regulation by larval mosquitoes
Louise Collins, Philosophy (Summer 2009) Western Conceptions of Friendship and Relationships Online
Peter Connor, Math (Summer 2011)
Gluing Constructions for Doubly Periodic Minimal Surfaces
Matt Costello, Psychology (Summer 2009) Age-Related Differences in the Effect of Sleep Fluctuations on Cognition
Daniel DeBrule, Psychology (Summer 2009) Comparison of an Exposure Based Writing Intervention to the Writing Paradigm
Hang Dinh, Informatics (Summer 2011)
Empirical Analysis of A* Search for Hard Problems
Hang Dinh, Informatics (Summer 2013) Quantum Algorithms for Post-Quantum Cryptography
Reza Espahbodi, B&E (April 2002) Value Relevance of Recognition versus Disclosure in Financial Reporting
Mark Fox, B&E (Summer 2004) Developing an Online Introduction to Business Administration Course
Hayley Froysland, History (Summer 2006)  For the Common Good: Charity, Health, and Moral Order in Bogotá, Colombia, 1850-1936 
Hayley Froysland, History (Summer 2009) The Quest to Progress: Public Health, Race, and Nation in Colombia, 1910-1940
Steven Gerencser, Political Science (Summer 2016) Democratic Politics and Corporate Citizenship
Christina Gerken, Women's and Gender Studies (Summer 2015) A Feminist Analysis of Gender- and Sexuality-Based Asylum Claims by Unaccompanied Minors
Christina Gerken, Women's Studies (Summer 2009) Immigrant Anxieties: Immigration Reform and the Neoliberal Consensus
Zhong Guan, Math (Summer 2005) Semiparametric Models and Empirical Likelihood with Application to Change-Point Analysis
Chu He, English (Summer 2010) Brian Friel in Panorama: A Comparative Reading of his Short Stories, Play, and Essays
Chu He, English (Summer 2013) Trauma, Memory, and Narrative: Rewriting History in Brian Friel’s Plays
Julio Hernando, World Languages (Summer 2007) Crown, Violence, Chivalry
Julio Hernando, World Languates (Summer 2008) Crown, Violence, Chivalry
Julio Hernando, World Languages (Summer 2011)
Taming the Scoundrel: Adolescence in Medieval Spain
Julio Hernando, World Languages (Summer 2013) “Enbarranganad a Francia:” Matrimonial Strategies in The Deeds of Young Rodrigo
Sean Hottois, Arts (Summer 2013) Interactive Art: New Works in a New Medium
Sharon Jones, Nusring (Summer 2014) Development of Trust with Hospitalized Patients
Lee Kahan, English (Summer 2007) Fictions of Intelligence: Eighteenth-Century English Novels and the Commerce of Information
Lee Kahan, English (Summer 2009) Fictions of Intelligence: Eighteenth Century English Novels and the Commerce of Information
Neovi Karakatsanis, Political Science (April 2002) Political Learning as a Catalyst for Moderation: The Case of Greek Elites
Neovi Karakatsanis, Political Science (Summer 2012) The Greek Military Junta and American Foreign Policy
Mike Keen, Sociology (Summer 2004) Witnessing Sociological Lives in Central and Eastern Europe: Autobiographies of Transformation
Kevin Ladd, Psychology (November 2002) Improving Retirement for Roman Catholic Diocesan Priests: Scale Development
Kevin Ladd, Psychology (Summer 2005) Intrapersonal, Visual, & Auditory Aspects of Prayer
Alan Larkin, Arts (November 1998) Models Fees for Fall Painting and Drawing Projects
Young Suk Lee, Arts (Summr 2016) Researching Multi-Sensory Implication  Through Producing Interactive Creative Art Work
Ilan Levine, Physics (March 2004) Development of an ultrasonic sensor array for the PICASSO dark matter experiment
Ilan Levine, Physics (Summer 2005) Superheated Droplet Detector
Ilan Levine, Physics (Summer 2006) Moderately superheated fluid detectors
Judy Lewandowski (Summer 2009)
Exploring and Aligning Local History
April Lidinsky (Summer 2005) Fin de Siecle Figures of Self in Pauline Hopkins’ Contending Forces
Nan Liu, B&E (Summer 2014) The Effects of the 2006 SEC Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules of Managerial Incentives
Xing Lu, B&E (Summer 2014) The Attention-Weighted Asymmetric Sock Message Board Effect
Jeff Luppes, World Lanuages (Summer 2013) Expulsion of the Expellees? Shifting Narratives about Flight and Exulsion after Ostpolitik
Monika Lynker, Physics (March 2003) Alignment and Calibration of the Forward Preshower (FPS) Detector at D0
Anne Magnan-Park, English (Summer 2010) Translating Greece
Anne Magnan-Park, English (Summer 2012) Redefining Magic Realism in New Zealand and Polynesian Literatures
Anne Magnan-Park, English (Summer 2015) Translating Maori Drama
Matthew Marmorino, Chemistry (Summer 2006) Practical lower bounds to chemical energies
Deborah Marr, Biology (April 2002) The role of insects and fungal pathogens in the genetics and ecology of seed production in Hydrophyllum appendiculatum
Deborah Marr, Biology (Summer 2007) Using Molecular Tools to Identify Fungal Pathogens that Cause Wilt Disease in Hydrophyllum
Jake Mattox, English (Summer 2008) Occupying American Space: U.S. Travelers in Panama and Nicaragua, 1820–1860
Bruce McDonald, Political Science (Summer 2012)
A Global Model of the Defense-Growth Relationship
Gail McGuire, Sociology (Summer 2004) Understanding Gender Race Differences in Networks
Gail McGuire, Sociology (Summer 2006) Social Similarity and the Provision of Help in Developmental Relationships
Gail McGuire, Sociology (Summer 2011)
Gender, Race, and Social Networks: The Informal Sources of Inequality at Work
Kirk Mecklenburg, Biology (Summer 2010) Characterization of Retinophilin Gene Expression in the Mouse
Mohammad Merhi, B&E (Summer 2015) The Impact of Task Dissonance and Organizational Punishment on Workers Compliance with Information Systems Security Policies
Gwynn Mettetal, Education (Summer 2007) Mentoring Among Professors: An Examination of how Mentoring is Conducted and Perceived at IUSB
Robert Meyer-Lee, English (Summer 2015) Valuing Middle English Literature across the Divide
Robert Meyer-Lee, English (Summer 2010) Chaucer Valuing: The Axiological Logic of the Chaucerian Text
Susan Moore, Arts (Summer 2006) Commonalities: Photographs of the Vernacular landscape
Susan Moore, Arts (Summer 2008) Nature and Beauty Photographs of an Altered Landscape
Grace Muna, Chemistry (Summer 2012)
Electrochemical Methodology for Measurement of Steroidal Hormones in Water
Jennifer Muniz, Arts (Summer 2016) Arne Oldberg: The Chicago-Style American Romantic
Jorge Muniz, Arts (Summer 2007) Composition of Two Electronic Music Sequences for “Germinal,” Opera in Three Acts
Jorge Muniz, Arts (Summer 2009) Composition of “Requiem for the Innocent”
Jorge Muniz, Arts (Summer 2014) Creating Shakespeare’s Love and Documenting Jorge Muniz’s Catalogue of Arts Song Literature for Tenor, Piano, and Cello
Raman Muralidharan, B&E (April 2000) Environmental Scanning and Strategic Decisions at the Headquarters Foreign Subsidiary: An Empirical Study
Raman Muralidharan, B&E (Summer 2004) Option Value of International Diversification: Evidence from East Asian Firms and the East Asian Crisis
Murli Nair, Informatics (Summer 2006) Statistical analysis of splicing microarray data
Murli Nair, Informatics (Summer 2009) Extracting Characteristic Features Associated with Alternatively and Constitutively Spliced Junctions Using Learning Models
Murli Nair, Informatics (Summer 2011)
Delineating Alternative Splice Events from Cancer Transriptome Data
Murli Nair, Informatics (Summer 2013) Understanding the Role of Intrinsic DNA Curvatures in Compacting DNA into Chromosomes
Jonathan Nashel, History (Summer 1999) The Masks of Power: Edward Lansdale and the American Attempt to Remake Southeast Asia, 1945-1965
Jonathan Nashel, History (Summer 2001) The CIA and American Popular Culture
Dora Natella, Arts (Summer 2005) Presenze Femminili (Feminine Presence)
Michelene Nilsen, Arts (Summer 2005) The “Other Side of the Tracks”: Railway Implantation in European Capitals
Michelene Nilsen, Arts (Summer 2011) Allotment and Worker’s Gardens in Europe, 1864-1918
Michelene Nilsen, History (Summer 2015) From Turnips to Lawn Chairs: Allotment Gardens in Europe, 1920-1975
Yosuke Nirei, History (Summer 2006) Ex-Samurai Intellectuals and the Knowledge of Empire Building in Japan, 1868-1912
Yosuke Nirei, History (Summer 2009) Political Ethics of Nationalism in Modern Japan, 1868-1912
Yosuke Nirei, History (Summer 2011)
The Ethics of Empire: Protestant Christianity, Moral Culture, and Imperialism in Meiji Japan
Yuri Obata, Arts (Summer 2009) An Examination of the Pre-1945 Japanese Supreme Court Obscenity Decisions and the Legacy in Postwar Sexual Ideologies
Yuri Obata, Arts (Summer 2013) Comparative Analysis of Supreme Court Obsenity Decisions in the UK, the US, and Japan
Kwadwo Okrah, Education (February 2001) Toward Global Conflict Resolution: Lessons from the Akan Chieftaincy and Judicial Systems
Kwadwo Okrah, Education (Summer 2005) By the Fireside: Story-Based Instruction and Learning
Kwadwo Okrah, Education (Summer 2011) The Metaphor of Ghanian Cloth: Decoding the Symbols in Ghanian Wax Prints
Kwadwo Okrah, Education (Summer 2014) Exploring Ways to Eradicate the Stigma, Segregation, and Violence Against Women Accused of Witchcraft in Ghana
Kelcey Parker, English (Summer 2007) Three Hundred Crowns: A Novel
Bhavik Pathak, Business & Economics (Summer 2009) Trading of Coupons in Online C2C Marketplaces and Information Technology’s Paradoxical Role in Price Discrimination
Gabriel Popescu, Political Science (Summer 2007) Bordering and Ordering the New Millennium: Boundaries and the Social Construction of Places
Gabriel Popescu, Political Science (Summer 2010) Embedding Borders into Flows: Technologies of Control and Risk Management
Gabriel Popescu, Political Science (Summer 2013) Rearticulating Border Spaces:  Technology, Bodies and Networks in the Age of Mobility
Gabriel Popescu, Political Science (Summer 2016) Coding and Decoding European Borders: The Fence and the Digital Phone
Yilei Qian, Biology (Summer 2005) The Study of Carbohydrate Utilization in Bifidobacterium
Theo Randall, Sociology (Summer 2011)
Malaria and Pregnancy Associated Health Seeking Behavior among the Lelna of Northwestern Nigeria
Shahir Rizk, Chemistry (Summer 2016) Engineering Biosensors for Glyphosate, the Active Ingredient in the Herbicide Roundup
Elaine Roth, English (November 2002) An Investigation of Steven Soderbergh's Films
Elaine Roth, English (Summer 2008) After the Film is Before the Film: The Cinema of Tom Tykwer
Andrea Rusnock, Arts (Summer 2006) Soviet Socialist Realism: Fact or Fiction? Paintings of Collectivization, 1934-41
Andrea Rusnock, Arts (Summer 2012) Old Stitches/New Patterns: Russian Fin‐de‐Siècle Needlework and Imperial Culture
Sara Sage, Education (February 2001) The Learning and Teaching Experiences in Problem-Based Learning
Sara Sage, Education (April 2004) Problem-Based Learning and Psychological Type
Anna Savvopoulou, Mathematics (Summer 2010) Convergence of Convolution Measures
Michael Scheessele, Computer Science (April 2002) A Computational Model of the Perception of Partially Occluded and Fragmented Figures
Michael Scheessele, Computer Science (Summer 2006) Role of non-target in perception of a target in visual search
Michael Scheessele, Computer Science (Summer 2008) Modification and Validation of a Test of Human Insight Problem Solving
Rolf Schimmrigk, Physics (Summer 2006) The emergence of space and time from string theory
Rolf Schimmrigk, Physics (Summer 2007) The emergence of space and time in string theory in higher dimensions
Rolf Schimmrigk, Physics (Summer 2008) A spacetime interpretation of L-functions via D-branes for families of Calabi-Yau manifolds
Rolf Schimmrigh, Physics (Summer 2009) Geometric Langlands and Quantum Physics
Leon Schjoedt, B&E (Summer 2013) Goal Setting, Goal Striving, and Goal Attainment: A Longitudinal Study of Entrepreneur’s Motivation
Andrew Schnabel, Biology (Summer 2009) Application of Molecular Genetic Data to the Study of Diversity in the Genus Gleditsia
Zachary Schrank, Sociology (Summer 2014) Understanding Collective and Individual Motivations for Local Organic Consumption
Carolyn Schult, Psychology (Summer 2002) Children’s Cognitive Development
Henry Scott, Physics (November 2003) A High-Pressure Experimental Laboratory at IUSB
Henry Scott, Physics (Summer 2005) Mantle Generation of Heavy Hydrocarbons 
Henry Scott, Physics (Summer 2009) In Situ Observations of CO2-Bearing Fluids Interacting with the Materials of Earth’s Crust
Scott Sernau, Sociology (November 2002) Global Issues
Feng Shan, Library (Summer 2004) Electronic Resource Management at Chinese Academic Libraries
Caroline Shapcott, Mathematical Sciences (Summer 2013) True-palindromic integer compositions
Dmitry Shlapentokh, History (March 2003) Eurasianism: Past and Present
Matthew Shockey, Philosophy (Summer 2008) Heidegger’s Descartes and Heidegger’s Cartesianism
Matthew Shockey, Philosophy (Summer 2011)
Malebranche on Knowing One’s Own Mind
Matthew Shockey, Philosophy (Summer 2016) The Bounds of Self: An Essay on Heidegger’s Being and Time
J.R. Shrader, Philosophy (Summer 2006) Investigation and Defense of Options for Theories of Emergence
J.R. Shrader, Philosophy (Summer 2009) Theories of Emergence and Physicalism
Yu Song, Mathematics (Summer 2004) The Robustness of the Three-Way Chart to Non-normality
Jamie Smith, Political Science (Summer 2011)
New City, New Politics?
Eric Souther, Arts (Summer 2014) Dissecting Muybridge
Eric Souther, Arts (Summer 2016) Liminal Labyrinth
Lisa Swartout, History (Summer 2005) Burschenschaft and German Political Culture: 1900-1914
Kyoko Takanashi (Summer 2012)
Customary Forms: Theorizing Social and Fictional Conventions in Northanger Abbey
Monica Tetzlaff (Summer 2003) Debates Over Civil Rights: Laws and Lived Experiences
Rebecca Torstrick, Sociology (November 2001) Culture and Customs of Israel: A Writing Project
Jay VanderVeen, Anthropology (Summer 2007) Creating the First Global Cuisine: Subsistence Patterns of Taino and European Populations
Jay VanderVeen, Anthropology (Summer 2012)
Re-examining Classic Taíno Culture History
Jay VanderVeen, Anthropology (Summer 2016) A Quantitative Analysis of Pre-Columbian Ceramic Vessel Design and Decoration
Dana Vrajitoru (Summer 2004) Consistent Graph Layouts by Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
Lesley Walker, Foreign Languages (November 2000) Enlightened Labor and Artful Maternity: Women in the Arts and Letters in France
Lesley Walker, World Languages (Summer 2005) Words of Women: A History of Literary Biographies
Lesley Walker, World Languages (Summer 2008) A Mother's Love
Josh Wells, Sociology (Summer 2010)
Testing the Limits of Public Databases in Archaeology: Interoperability and Utility for Answering Questions about Prehistoric Social Groups
Josh Wells, Sociology (Summer 2013) Publishing the Results of Public Databases in Archaeology Regarding Interoperability and Utility for Answering Questions about Prehistoric Groups
Tim Willig, History (Summer 2010) A Path of Honor: The Tumultuous Life and Career of Major John Norton, Adopted Mohawk Leader at the Grand River
Qiang Xu, Criminal Justice (Summer 2008) Crime in South Bend: A Geographic Analysis of Patterns and Trends
Haiyan Yin, B&E (Summer 2012) The Effect of U.S. Monetary Shocks on Bank Stock Returns: International Evidence
Liquo Yu, Computer Science (Summer 2007) Applying Data-Mining on Open-Source Software Repositories
Liquo Yu, Computer Science (Summer 2011)
Using Normalized Compression Distance to Study Software Evolutionary Stability
Liqiang Zhang, Computer Science (Summer 2006) Adaptive MAC Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks Using Directional Antennas
Hong Zhuang, B&E (Summer 2010) Exploring Determinants of Greenfield FDI and Mergers & Acquisitions FDI and Effects on U.S. Local Communities
Hong Zhuang, B&E (Summer 2016) Bank Efficiency and Economic Growth: Evidence from China
Lisa Zwicker, History (Summer 2007) The Unpolitical German? Students and the Last Elections of the German Empire

Lisa Zwicker, History (Summer 2012) Behind the New Woman: The Social History of the Economic Changes, Political Reforms, and Pioneering Activists that Made Possible the New Woman in Germany, 1890‐1918
isa Zwicker, History (Summer 2014) New Woman, German Women, Jewish Women. Mapping Key Biographical Information, 1850-2000
Lisa Zwicker, History (Summer 2016) Mapping the Lives of Accomplished Central European Women: Tracing the Geographic Trajectories of 250 Women of Jewish Descent, 1870‐1970

Seed Grants

Gretchen Anderson, Chemistry (September 2001) Redox Potentials and Arsenite Binding of Arsenite Oxidase
Peter Bushnell, Biology (December 2002) Sublethal Effect of Polychlrorinated Biphenols (PCB) Acculumation on Stress Responses in Juvenile Bluefish
Kevin Ladd (July 2006) Prayer Psychometrics & Neuropsychological Investigations of Religion
Ilan Levine, Physics (August 2004) Superheated Droplet Detector
Jeremy Linton, Education (October 2005) Center for Substance Abuse Services
Robert Meyer-Lee, English (September 2012) Chaucer Valuing
Michelene Nilsen, History (January 2010) Allotment and Community Gardens in Europe, 1864-1914
Sara Sage, Education (February 2002) Futures in Education: Minority Teacher Recruitment at IUSB
Lee Smith, Education (Summer 2010) Increasing Academic Learning in Special and At-Risk Populations in Urban Settings through University-District Collaboration
Michelle Verges, Psychology (May 2006) Role of Expert Knowledge in Semantic Categorization

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