Instructions for IU South Bend IU Foundation Online Scholarship Applications

  1. Our online application is available on the IU OneStart Student Self Service Page.
  2. You must have CAS (Central Authorization Service) credentials set up to proceed.
    1. If you are admitted but have not yet set up IU computing accounts, go to Account Management Services to do this.
    2. If you have created your IU Network ID but forgotten your password please visit The Knowledge Base  or visit the IU South Bend Information Center for assistance.
  3. To Apply For Scholarships:
    1. Follow this link:
    2. Log In
    3. Under Student Self Service>>> Financial >> Select: IU South Bend and IU Foundation Scholarship Application

instruction graphic

For additional information regarding the scholarships listed, please e-mail Student Scholarships by asking a question online, or call (574) 520-4357 (toll free: 1-877-462-4872 extension 4357).