Paper Applications for Undergraduate Students

Central Indiana Chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association

Awarded to residents of Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks or Marion County attending any Indiana University campus full time.

Chad Edward Pearson Memorial Scholarship

Award to students who demonstrate a record of service and declare intent to pursue a career in human services, public service, or education.

Charles W. Cole Scholarship

Available to students residing in St. Joseph and adjacent counties.

Civil Rights Heritage Center Community Service Award

Awarded undergraduates who demonstrate an understanding of the values of personal responsibility and commitment to community service.

Daniel J. and Patrick M. Gallivan Scholarship

Awarded to graduate or undergraduate who are visually impaired or have other disabilities.

Distinguished Alumni Service Award

Awarded to graduating college seniors who demonstrate a proven record of excellence in and out of the classroom.

Donna R. Pfeil YMCA Scholarship

Award to single parents who in the absence of a scholarship are unable to complete or continue their education.

H. Theodore and Annette H. Noell Scholarship

Awarded to full time undergraduate students in good standing with 4-H, DeMolay, Job's Daughters, or the Rainbow girls.

IBEW, Local 153 Scholarship (no new scholarships will be awarded for the 2015-16 year)

Awarded to biological or dependent children (as determined by the IRS), including step-children, who live more than 50% of the time in the household of an active union member contributing to the Electrical Industry Advancement Fund.

Returning Student Housing Scholarship

The Returning Student Housing Scholarship was established to aid students currently residing at River Crossing an opportunity to apply for scholarship funding when they wish to return to campus housing.