SMART Awarded Project Guidelines

The SMART Award

NOTE: This award is not a grant but a reimbursement for expenses incurred by undergraduates embarking upon significant research, creative projects, internships, or conference attendance.

To receive reimbursement, the completed project should be received in the program office by the last day of the semester (i.e. last day of exams) following the semester in which the award was made. Send the report electronically to [exception: Summer Session awardees should complete projects by the end of fall semester]. The total completed project should consist of:

  1. A copy of the finished research or creative work (papers should include the objective of the research or internship, the activities involved, and the results)
  2. Student's self evaluation
  3. Student's final reimbursement report
  4. Original receipts explained in an "itemized expense list"*
  5. Mentor's project evaluation letter.

SMART Program
IUSB ‑ Office of Research
Administration Building 247
South Bend, Indiana 46634‑7111

Extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances upon receipt and approval of a formal written request. Contact the program office for more information. Please contact the program office at 574-520-4181 with any questions about your project.

* For some science projects the funds will flow through the faculty mentors university account so original receipts are not expected but an itemized list of what was purchased for the project should be included