Summer Fellowship Past Awards




Project Title


Michael Huggins

Matt Marmorino Chemistry Calculating Spectroscopic Energy Levels of Polyene Molecules through Matrix Analysis 2014

Valerie Warrell

Davis Wilkes Biology The Possible Role of Minus-end-directed Kinesins in Intraflagellar Transport 2014

Alexander LeClair

James Wolfer Computer Science Haptic Palpation of Aortic Pressure with ECG Derived Time Intervals 2014

Lexi Millard

Jake Mattox English Constructions of Rural Masculinity and Relations to Race, Class, and Sexuality in 1865-1914 American Literature 2014

Derek Miller

Matt Shockey Philosophy Being and Parthood: A Heideggerian Response to Mereological Nihilism 2014

Joseph Biggers

Murli Nair Computer Science Protein Bioinformatics: Deriving Amino Acid Properties from Mutant Structure Data 2013

Bethany Dobson

Christina Gerken Women's and Gender Studies Body Image: Aging Women in a Youth-Obsessed Culture 2013

Victoria Hundy

Murli Nair Computer Science Protein Bioinformatics: Understanding Structural Changes Due to Mutations 2013

Alexander Millard

Lee Kahan English Construction of Masculinity and Gender in Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century English Literature 2013

Eric Hanken

Lee Kahan English Women a la Mode: A Socio-Cultural Study of Women’s Fashion in Eighteenth Century British Literature 2013

Megan Bonham

Gail McGuire Sociology The Social Construction of Sustainability in the Tourism Industry 2012

Erica Cotter

Henry Scott Physics Mineral Phase Analysis through Whole-Profile Pattern Fitting 2012

Katherine Hoffman

Peter Bushnell Biology The Determination of Effective Electric Field Strength for Deterring Sharks 2012

Joel Irvin

Jake Mattox English Antebellum Consumer Culture & the Aesthetics of Mammon 2012

Rachel Warrell

Doug McMillen Chemistry Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyls with NIS and I2 2012

Morgan Holbrook

Doug McMillen Chemistry Utilizing Green Chemistry Techniques for NIS Allylic Oxidation of Alcohols 2011

Ashley Compton

Gretchen Anderson Chemistry Isolation of the Arsenite Oxidase Enzyme 2011

Senlin Li

Yi Cheng Mathematics A Prediction of US GDP Growth on Various Economic Indices 2011

Hannah Stowe

Jake Mattox English An Analysis of Key Developments in U.S. Property Law 2011

Jennifer Pace

David Blouin Siociology Understanding Neighborhood Communities: Effects on Positive and Social Cohesion 2010

Adam Kaylor

Grace Muna Chemistry Separation and Detection of Endocrine Disruptors Using Electrochemical Methods 2010

Hannah Stowe

Lee Kahan English Language, Sentiment and Class Distinctions in Eighteenth Century England 2010

Andrea Jones

Daniel DeBrule Psychology Understanding the Interaction Between Exposure to, Attitudes Toward, and Knowledge of Suicide 2010

Christopher Ebsch

Mike Darnel Mathematics Infinite Series Representations and Archimedes’ Problem Over Hyperbolas and Ellipses 2010

Celest Warrell

Gretchen Anderson Chemistry Overproduction of Arsenite Oxidase in E. Coli 2009

Nathan VanderWerf

Rolf Schimmrigk Physics String Modularity of Brieskorn-Pham type K3 Surfaces 2009

Susan Jacobs

Jonathan Nashel History War and Protests: IU South Bend and the Vietnam War 2009

Elaine Curtis

Deb Marr Biology Determination of pathogenicity and diversity of Fusarium strains infecting Hydrophyllum appendiculatum 2009

Jennifer Wise

Isabel O'Connor History Songs of Saints and Heretics: Comparative Analysis of the Historia Albigensis, William of Puylaurens’ Chronica, and the Chanson de la croisade albigeoise 2008
Derek Webb Monica Tetzlaff History Open Housing in South Bend: The Development and Interaction of Grassroots Organizations 2008
Rumya Sundaram Peter Bushnell Biology Investigating the Shark Repellent Properties of Electropositive Metals 2008
Darryl Ricketts Jay VanderVeen Sociology/Anthropology Trauma, Disease and Death Among the Followers of Columbus: Further Analysis of Skeletal Remains from La Isabela, Dominican Republic 2008
Chirs Bontrager Jay VanderVeen Sociology/Antrhopology The Use of Shell Tools of the Taino Culture in the Dominican Republic 2007
Daniel Brooks Alan Gift Chemistry Analysis of the Transformation of Pharmaceutical Compounds 2007
Charles Guse James Wolfer Computer and Information Sciences Assessing Pulse Coupled Neural Network Potential for Malignant Lesion Detection in Screening Mammography 2007
Kristin Cravens-Hutton April Lidinsky Women's Studies Developing an Ethnography of the Prepared Childbirth Movement in Arkansas: The Stories of Women Organizing During the Second Wave of Feminism 2007
Erin Tracey Betsy Lucal Sociology Tiger Woods and Barack Obama: A Comparison in the Social Construction of Racial Identity 2007
Erin Ward John McIntosh Psychology Attitudes toward Therapists who Lose Patients to Suicide 2006
Chantelle Stacey Dennis Rodriquez Psychology Child and Adult Behaviors Study 2006
Salvador Moya Anthony Droege Arts Explorations into the World of the Spiritual Artist: An investigative and self-exploratory painting project to better understand artistic spiritual inspiration using sources from Tibetan Buddhist and Toltec cultures 2006
Sabrina Huggins Henry Scott Physics Stability and elasticity of Fe3P-schreibersite under deep earth conditions 2006
Ryan Bauernfeind Matthew Marmorino Chemistry Calculating convergent lower bounds to the gound-state energy of the Helium atom 2006
Shannon Renfrow Gretchen Anderson Chemistry Establishment of Histidines as Functional Binding Site of Arsenic in Arsenite Oxidase 2005
Saval Kharel Monika Lynker Physics Application of Lower Dimension Results in String Theory to Higher Dimension Varieties 2005
Greg Horning James McLister Biology Comparing Age Distribution and Growth Rates of Diploid and Polyploid Tree Frogs 2005
Kari Black Ron Monsma Arts Panes of Pigment 2005
Rachel Wesner Oscar Barrau World Languages Mexican Perspectives on “The Other” in Relation to Cultural, National, Ethnic, and Gender Identities 2004
Steve Duleh Robert Pope Biology Isolation of Proteins Involved in Cellular Movement 2004
Cynthia Muthusi Bill Feighery Chemistry Synthesis of Perfluoroalkyl Lead Compounds 2004
Hilda Namanja Doug McMillen Chemistry Radical Iodination of Hydrocarbons 2004
Rebecca Seifert Peter Bushnell Biology Biochemical Evaluation of Condition in Migrant and Overwintering Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) 2004
Victoria Pysh Robert Pope Biology Cloning and Analysis of Anopheles gambiae Archvillin 2003
Michelle Marshall Deb Marr Biology The effects of fungal pathogens on flower size and seed size in Hydrophyllum appendiculatum 2003
Pritha Gupta Matthew Marmorino Chemistry Lower bound to the ground-state eigenvalue 2003
Megan Galvin Peter Bushnell Biology A Study of Blood Oxygen-Binding Characteristics of the Sandbar Shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus) 2003
Kristin Budd Gail McGuire Sociology Single Mothers in Poverty: The Influencing Factors 2003
Alicia Zimmerle
Rebecca Torstrick
A Local Ethnographic Excursion
Stuart Orr
Deborah Marr
A Comparison of Plant Species Diversity Between Restored Tallgrass Prairies and Native Prairie Remnants
Jacob Ratkiewicz
James Wolfer
Computer & Information Sciences
Application of Self-Organizing Maps to Texture Visualization and Analysis
Brian Zeider
Gretchen Anderson
Analysis and Quantification of Arsenite and Arsenate Utilization by Alcaligenes faecalis
Jamin Willoughby
Ann Grens
Isolation of a Myo-D Homolog from Hydra vulgaris
Craig Sheaks
Andrea Greitzer
Freedom Summer 2001: A Study Tour of the Civil Rights Movement
Mark Royer
William Feighery
David Healy
Les Lamon
The Summer 2001: A Study Tour of the Civil Rights Movement
Jennifer Johnson
Gabrielle Robinson
International Programs
An Evaluation of an IUSB Off-Campus Program: The Charles Martin Youth Center
Jessica Perkey & Rania Rizk
Andrew Schnabel
Connie Peterson-Miller
Rebecca Torstrick
A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Friendship
Michelle Carter
Louise Collins
Vivisection: A Warranted Practice?
Timothy Greenlee
Peter Bushnell
Measuring Plasma Volumes in Trout with Microspheres
Joseph Harsh
Andrew Schnabel
Population Genetic Structure of Acacia Species from East Africa
Carolyn Piotrowski
Gail McGuire
Rebooting the System: Making Computer Science Female Friendly
Amrita Das
Morteza Shafii-Mousavi
Mathematics/Computer Science
The Hunting Strategy of the Velociraptor
Ryan Martin
Rebecca Torstrick
Ceremonial Offerings and Religious Practices Among Taino Indians: An Archeological Investigation of Gourd Use in Taino Cultures
Gilat Omer
Alan Larkin
Division of the Arts
"Esther" - A Handmade Scrollbook
Norbert Varga
Doug McMillen
Asymmetric Copper-Catalyzed Formation of Sulfur-Ylides
James McFadden
William Feighery
Electron Transfer between Trimetallic Carbonyl Clusters and Tethered Metal Centers
Takayu Nakazato
Andrew Schnabel
Paternity Studies in an Androdioecious Population
Sandra Stauffer-Widmer
Alan Larkin
Division of the Arts
Papermaking and Bookbinding
Quang Tran
Doug McMillen
An Ecological and Efficient Methodology for the Synthesis of Prostaglandins
Shelley A. Kruk
Marta Makielski
Femoral Lines
Patrick E. McDonel
Kirk Mecklenberg
Chromosonal Location of a Drosophila Visual Gene... - Summer Fellowship
Beth Ann Reed
Gretchen Anderson
Gene Sequence Determination of the Enzyme Arsenite Oxidase
Amanda Schermer
Michael Kinyon
Mathematics/Computer Science