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Social Work Degree Programs

IU South Bend offers a bachelor’s degree (BSW) and a master’s degree (MSW) in Social Work. Both programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and are taught by nationally recognized, fulltime faculty and experienced practitioners.

The BSW program prepares students for entry-level positions in the field of social work. It helps students develop the competence to apply knowledge, values and skills to practice with individuals, small groups, organizations and communities. The BSW degree equips graduates to work with people who are encountering challenges related to personal or social circumstances. In addition, qualified graduates my apply for placement in the IU South Bend School of Social Work master’s program or other MSW programs nationwide. 

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The MSW program is preparation for advanced social work practice. Graduates of the school pursue careers in a variety of social service settings, including those concerned with aging, families, child welfare, corrections, mental and physical health. In anticipation of such professional activities, the school provides field instruction placements throughout the state, where students engage in services to individuals, groups, and families or function in planning management, policy analysis, or community organization roles.

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IUSSW Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement: The mission of the IUSSW is excellence in education, research and service to promote health, well-being, and social and economic justice in a diverse world.

Vision Statement: An exemplary university and community-based collaboration advancing social and economic justice, empowerment, and human well-being in a changing global landscape.

Underlying Values:


  • equity
  • fairness
  • security
  • inclusion
  • access to resources
  • ethics
  • nurturance
  • respect
  • commitment
  • stability
  • transparency


  • equal access
  • commitment to diversity
  • celebration of diversity
  • recruitment of diversity for students, faculty and staff
  • embraced and embodied diversity
  • equity
  • fairness security
  • inclusion


  • continuing improvement
  • leadership
  • adaptability
  • balance
  • optical thinking
  • professionalism
  • joy in work


  • maximizinig on individual and collective potential
  • individual and collective critical consciousness
  • continuous questioning of the world around us


  • professionalism
  • cooperation
  • commitment
  • balance
  • adaptability
  • continuous improvement
  • critical thinking
  • leadership


  • honesty
  • openness
  • trustworthiness
  • accountability
  • personal and professional standards
  • respect of differences
  • commitment to our mission