Degree Map outlining four years of study
This is a sample schedule for the general requirements of the BSW program.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
ENG W131 English Composition ENG W 231 Professional Writing Skills
SWK S141 Introduction to Social Work * SWK S 102 Understanding Diversity
Common core course PSY 103 General
Computer literacy course Quantitative Reasoning Course - preferably statistics
POLS Y 103 Introduction to American Politics SOC S 161 Introduction to Sociology
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Non-western culture course Common core course
HIST H 106 American History II SPCH - s 121 Public Speaking
Critical thinking course 300 level Psychology or Sociology course 
Visual Literacy course Health and Wellness course
Common core course Elective
Junior Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
SWK S221Human Behavior and Development in the Social Environment SWK S332: Generalist Social Work Practice II Theory and Skills
SWK S251 History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy SWK S 352 Social Service Delivery Systems
SWK S322 Small Group Theory and Practice SWK S371 Social Work Research
SWK S331 Generalist Social Work Practice I Theory and Skills Elective
300 level common core course Elective
Senior Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
SWK - S 401 Integrative Practicum Seminar I SWK - S 402 Integrative Practicum Seminar II
SWK S 423 Organizational Theory and Practice SWK S433 Community Behavior and Practice Within a Generalist Perspective
SWK - S 442 Integrated Practice/Policy Seminar SWK S472 Social Work Practice Evaluation
SWK S 481 Social Work Practicum I (3 credits) SWK S 482 Social Work Practicum II
Elective Elective

*S141 is the only social work course needed prior to applying to the BSW program. Students with 12 credit hours may apply to the program.