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Master of Social Work Program Goals

The Master of Social Work program derives its program goals from the mission statement of Indiana University School of Social Work. They are also formed by the Curriculum Policy Statement of the Council on Social Work Education (1992). The program goals are to:

1. Educate students to be effective and knowledgeable professionals prepared for advanced social work practice in the 21st century.

2. Build upon a liberal arts perspective to prepare students to continue their professional growth and development through a life-time of learning, scholarship, and service.

3. Educate students to understand and apply the fundamental values and ethics of the social work profession in their practice.

4. Prepare students for social work practice with diverse populations and with client systems of all sizes.

5. Educate students about the social context of social work practice, the changing nature of those contexts, the behavior of organizations, and the dynamics of change.

6. Engage in scholarly activity including the discovery, integration, application, dissemination, and evaluation of client-centered and solution-focused knowledge.

7. Conduct service that promotes the general welfare of all segments of society and promotes social and economic justice.