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MSW Foundation, Intermediate, and Concentration Courses

The first 30 credit hours of the 60 credit hour Master of Social Work (MSW) Program constitute the foundation for the MSW degree. They are completed in the first two years of the part-time program and contain the content and learning experiences that all MSW graduates need for competent practice. The Second 30 credit hours are the Concentration Courses and are offered primarily in the third year of the program. The South Bend Program only offers one concentration in Mental Health and Addictions. Students wishing to graduate with another concentration can transfer to the MSW Program in Indianapolis for their concentration courses. The IUPUI Master of Social Work Program offers concentration courses in the following areas: Children, Families, Health, School Social Work, and Leadership.

MSW Foundation Year

Fall Semester

S501 Professional Social Work at the Master’s Level: An Immersion

S503 Human Behavior and The Social Environment I

Spring Semester

S502 Research I
S504 Professional Practice Skills

Summer I

S505 Social Policy Analysis and Practice

MSW Intermediate Year

Summer II S513 Human Behavior and Social Environment II
Fall Semester

S516 Social Work Practice II: Organizations, Communities and Societies
S517 Assessment in Mental Health and Addictions

Sprng Semester

S514 Practice with Individuals and Famlies I
S555 Social Work Practicum I

Summer I

S618 Social Policy and Services I
S661 Executive Leadership

 MSW Concentration Year

Summer II S683 Community Based Practice in Mental Health & Addictions

Fall Semester

S623 Practice Research Integrative Seminar I
S685 Mental Health & Addictions Practice: Individuals & Families
S651 Practicum II

Spring Semester

S687 Mental Health & Addictions Practice:  Groups
S686 Social Work Practice with Addictions
S652 Practicum III

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