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Sociology and Anthropology

Social and Cultural Diversity Certificate

The Certificate requires 15 credit hours, as follows:

The following core course:
ANTH-E105 Culture and Society

Two of the following core courses:
SOC-S164 Marital Relations and Human Sexuality
SOC-S317 Social Stratification
SOC-S335 Race and Ethnicity
Credit will be given for only one of the following:
SOC-S338 Gender Roles, SOC-S310 Sociology of Women in America, WGS-W302 Men and Masculinities, ANTH-E391 Women in Developing Countries

One of the following culture courses:
SOC-S362 World Cultures and Societies
ANTH-E320 Indians of North America OR ANTH-B190 Native American Experience in North America
ANTH-E397 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
ANTH-E310 Cultures of Africa
ANTH-E300 Latin American Cultures 

One 400-level capstone course:
ANTH-E402 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH-A460 Diversity and Conflict
SOC-S410 Transgender Studies
SOC-S460 International Inequalities
SOC-S410 Race and Civil Rights
SOC-S410 Sociology of Culture
SOC-S460 Gender and Work in the Global Economy
SOC-S422 Constructing Sexualities
ANTH-A460 Archaeology of Ethnicity