Sociology and Anthropology

Gail McGuire

Gail McGuire
2279 Wiekamp Hall
(574) 520-4572
Curriculum Vitae: Gail McGuire

Research Interests
Race & Gender Inequality at Work
Informal Networks

Courses Taught
SOC-S161 Principles of Sociology
SOC-S410 Gender Inequality at Work
SOC-B190 Work in the New Economy
SOC-S460 Gender and Work in the Global Economy
SOC-S258 Quantitative Research Methods
SOC-S444 Research Conference Practicum
SOC-S338 Sociology of Gender
SOC-S494 Field Experience in Sociology
SOC-S315/H300 Sociology of Work
SOC-S457 Writing for Social Scientists
SOC-S316 Sociology of the Family
SOC-S351 Social Statistics