Sociology and Anthropology
Rebecca Torstrick

Rebecca Torstrick

3300G Wiekamp Hall
(574) 520-4338
Curriculum Vitae: Rebecca Torstrick

Research Interests
Political Anthropology
Racism and Nationalism
Violence and Cultural Conflict
Feminist Theory and Border Studies
Middle East

Courses Taught
Anthropology and Sociology:
ANTH-A105 Human Origins and Prehistory
ANTH-A250 Anthropology and the Modern World
ANTH-A385 Topics in Anthropology: Motherhood
ANTH-A460 Topics in Anthropology: Diversity and Conflict
ANTH-A460 Topics in Anthropology: The Politics of Identity
ANTH-E105 Culture and Society
ANTH-E365 Women and Power
ANTH-E370 Peasant Society and Culture
ANTH-E380 Urban Anthropology/Urban Society
ANTH-E391 Women in the Developing World
ANTH-E397 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
ANTH-E402 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
SOC-S268/ANTH-A314, Qualitative Research Methods
SOC-S360 Women, Development and Social Change
Women's Studies:
WOST 301 Global Perspectives on Women
WOST 480 Practicum in Women’s Studies
Graduate Liberal Studies
LBST-D510 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies
LBST-D502 Social Science Seminar: Diversity and Conflict