Sociology and Anthropology

Jay VanderVeen Jay VanderVeen

2289 Wiekamp Hall
(574) 520-4618
Curriculum Vitae: Jay VanderVeen 

Research Interests
Prehistoric and Historic Caribbean Culture Contact 
Marine Research
Scientific Diving

Courses Taught
ANTH-A105 Human Origins, Evolution, and Prehistory
ANTH-A360 Anthropological Thought
ANTH-A460* Anthropology of Zombies
ANTH-A460* Archaeology of Ethnicity
ANTH-A460* Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
ANTH-A460* Material Culture
ANTH-A495* Directed Readings in Anthropology: Caribbean Cultures
ANTH-A495 Directed Readings in Anthropology: Various Topics
ANTH-A496* Field Study in Anthropology: Bahía Isabela Archaeological Project
ANTH-A496 Field Study in Anthropology: Various Topics
ANTH-B300 Fundamentals in Bioanthropology (to be taught Spring 2013)
ANTH-B320* Forensic Anthropology
ANTH-E105 Culture and Society
ANTH-E300* People of the Caribbean (to be taught Spring 2013)
ANTH-E335* Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
ANTH-H105* Culture and Society (honors course) (to be taught Spring 2013)
ANTH-N190* Becoming Human
ANTH-P398* Rise of Civilization
ANTH-P405* Field School in Archaeology
LBST-D503* Social Context of Science (graduate level)
LBST-D594 Liberal Studies Directed Readings (graduate level)
*Courses new to campus