Advising Resources

Advising Worksheets for Majors, Minors, and Certificate
Follows the steps below to help determine what courses you need to take--You still need to discuss your courses with an advisor! Use these forms as worksheets to help you prepare for your meeting with your advisor. These forms are intended only to assist you in determining what classes you might still need to complete a program. An advisor will often be able to give you more complete information to help you graduate on time. All Majors are required to be advised each semester that they register for courses.

If you have not yet been assigned an advisor, contact Kathi Piekarski, the department secretary to request an advisor.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Select 'Student Center SIS (All IU Campuses)'
Step 3: Look under Academic Planning and select iGPS Degree Maps
Step 4: For Sociology or Anthropology you will select the following:

  • For Campus: IU South Bend
  • For School: Col of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • For Keywords: Sociology or Anthropology (whichever you prefer)


Declared Major

Students with a declared major are advised in their academic units.

Undeclared Major

If you have not yet declared your major please contact Mr. Paul Foltz, Advising Center Secretary, at 520-4214 or

For more information please see the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center page.