Are You Interested in the Sociology Club?

Sociology Conference

There Are Many Reasons to Join.....

  • MEET NEW PEOPLE: Networking (knowing many people) is important not only in life but in college as well.
  • MEET THE PROFESSORS: It is important to get to know your professors as they are full of useful information.
  • BE AN ASSET TO THE COMMUNITY: Every year the Sociology Club adopts a needy family at Christmas. We collect canned & dry food for the family & give Christmas presents to people who otherwise might not get any. We also would like to get involved with an organization such as Habitat for Humanity.
  • LOOKS GOOD ON A RESUME: Employers want to hire employees who are active in school, community, etc.
  • IT'S FUN!!!!! We have all sorts of fun activities throughout the year.

WHO CAN JOIN? You don't have to be a Sociology major or minor to join, you just have to be interested.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE SOCIOLOGY CLUB?? If your answer is yes, e-mail the department secretary, Kathi Piekarski, at or stop by the Sociology Department at DW 2288.