Labs and Lounge

Material Culture Laboratory
Wiekamp DW 2210
Material Culture
The Laboratory of Material Culture provides facilities for the study and interpretation of cultural materials from around the world. There is an emphasis on tools, food, and other objects of everyday life. Microscopy and other analytical methods are combined with ethnographic fieldwork and with historical research to better understand the reasons for development and change in objects used by common people during the course of a typical day.

The laboratory is used for both research activities and teaching. Faculty are ready to assist museums, local historical societies, and others in the investigation, documentation, and interpretation of cultural resources.Equipment

The material culture lab houses a variety of resources from reference books to equipment for your research. If you are conducting independent research and need tape recorders, digital cameras, video cameras, or small digital flip cameras, contact the Instructional Media Services to check out the equipment.

Computer Laboratories
Wiekamp 2274 & 2276
The two computer labs are open during the same hours as the Sociology and Anthropology Office and are usually locked when the secretary leaves for the day. The computer lab closest to the student lounge has a MAC and the other one has PCs. Both sets of computers have the GO Print option for your printing needs. 

Student Lounge
Wiekamp 2266 
The lounge has comfortable seating, including a sofa and kitchen style table and chairs. The lounge also houses a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. Bring coffee to share or enjoy a cup from a fellow colleague as you take a break from your studies. You are welcome to study in the student lounge, but it is not a designated quiet lounge and conversation is frequent as students and faculty enter and exit throughout the day. You are also welcome to enjoy the books on the bookshelves or to browse through one of the many journals that the department subscribes to. We welcome you to our student lounge and look forward to the wonderful conversation that is sure to follow.