Sociology and Anthropology

Department Mission

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Indiana University South Bend is dedicated to fostering a critical understanding of social and cultural diversity and of the social bases of the human condition. As a faculty we are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, and service. With a strong liberal arts education, our students are prepared to be active contributors to their communities and to live fruitful lives as informed citizens of a global society. Through their training in theoretical analysis and research methods, our students have a solid basis for pursuing careers in law, social work, business, public administration, public health, cultural resources, library science, and many other human services professions. They also are well equipped to pursue graduate study in sociology and anthropology in order to go on to careers in teaching, administration, and research.


  1. Encourage and Support Teaching Excellence

    1. Continue participation in IU's Future Faculty Teaching Fellowship Program

    2. Continue to participate in, and nominate our faculty for, FACET

    3. Continue to hire and mentor excellent teacher-scholars

    4. Hold departmental teaching colloquia on an annual or semi-annual basis

  2. Foster Student Learning and Success

    1. Continue to encourage and prepare students to conduct independent research, to apply for grants (e.g., SMART), to publish their research, and to present their research at conferences.

    2. Regularly nominate students for honors, scholarships, and prizes, including the American Sociological Association's Honors Program, the Library Research Prize, the Catherine Romano-Orth Scholarship and the Linda Marie Fritschner Award.

    3. Regularly seek ways to improve our advising

    4. Continue to refine our efforts to assess our programs

    5. Strengthen the student clubs in Anthropology and Sociology, encouraging active student and faculty involvement

    6. Continue and refine our use of student tutors and teaching assistants

  3. Strengthen Partnerships with the Community

    1. Encourage faculty and students to offer service to community organizations and agencies; highlight current involvement

    2. Continue to expand internship and service learning opportunities

    3. Continue to connect with alumni through a biannual department newsletter

    4. Expand our efforts to involve alumni in our department (through workshops, presentations, participation on panels)

  4. Enhance Diversity in the Curriculum and the Classroom

    1. Increase diversity of course offerings

    2. Continue to support Gerontology minor through course offerings, internships, and scholarships (Ariela Royer Scholarship).

    3. Promote the Diversity Certificate

    4. Continue, expand, and coordinate joint offerings with interdisciplinary programs, such as Women's Studies, Informatics, African American Studies, Latin American/Latino Studies, and International Programs.

    5. Support and contribute to programs at the Civil Rights Heritage Center/Natatorium

    6. Continue to work with IUN to strengthen our joint major in Anthropology (e.g., offer more distance learning courses, hire a joint lecturer, better promote each other's courses).

  5. Reflect and Expand a Global Perspective

    1. Continue involvement with the Mexico and Costa Rica study abroad programs, expanding participation by Sociology and Anthropology faculty and students

    2. Continue to use programs such as exchanges and Fulbright grants to bring international faculty to the department

    3. Continue to globalize our curriculum, making use of IU grants for international materials and experiences

    4. Expand faculty members' participation in international symposiums, conferences, and research projects; take advantage of international travel grants through IU

  6. Support Excellence in Scholarship

    1. Continue to foster a successful record of research and publication

    2. Increase internal and external grant activity

    3. Continue to identify projects in which we can combine teaching, research, and service (e.g., Elkhart Neighborhood Survey, Bowman Creek, Farmer's Market).

  7. Promote Professional Service Beyond the Campus

    1. Encourage participation in professional organizations and associations, including election or appointment to leadership positions

    2. Continue contributions to Teaching Sociology, including editorial board membership