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Ask Your Professors and Advisor for Recommended Programs

Your professors and advisors have already been through the process of applying to and getting accepted into graduate programs and they might have some programs in mind that would be a great fit for you. Meet with your advisor or professor to discuss your options for graduate school and remember to return and ask them for letters of recommendation. 

When you request a letter of recommendation, you want to make sure that you are asking someone who can speak highly of you. Ideally, you will have successfully completed a course with the professor and they will already be aware of your motivation to learn by your excellent grades or added effort on research projects and assignments. When approaching a professor about a letter of recommendation, provide them with adequate information. The following materials would be helpful:

  • unofficial transcript
  • résumé
  • list of academic and non-academic accomplishments
  • relevant statements from the departments to which you are applying (areas of specialization and the qualities they are looking for in an applicant)
  • a draft statement about your interests in pursuing graduate study--what you want to study and why and how
  • any other information you would like the professor to highlight in the letter