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Study Abroad

There are several study abroad opportunities available.

Mexico: Language, Culture, and Society (Summer II) 3 credits in Spanish and 3 credits in a common core general education requirement
The Mexico trip is an opportunity to visit archaeological sites and to experience culture and society abroad.

Spring in Costa Rica (Spring) 3 credits in Sociology
The Costa Rica trip gives students a chance to go abroad without being gone for an extended period of time. The Costa Rica trip is during IU South Bend's spring break and includes online coursework to be completed before and after the trip. Students are provided the opportunity to explore the benefits and drawbacks of ecotourism while considering its impact on the Costa Rican population. Spanish is not required, but knowing some Spanish will enhance your abroad experience. 

There are a number of other summer, semester, or yearlong study abroad programs available through International Programs at IU South Bend or through Indiana University. Check out the listings available on the International Programs website!

costa rica