Budget's & Spending Log

The SGA uses its internal budget to fund clubs and organizations who host events on campus and in the surrounding community.  The goal of this money is to increase student involvement on our campus while simultaneously building a sense of community among our student body.  Below is a breakdown of the SGA's departmental budget.

Internal SGA Budget

Below is a link to the current log of the Bills of Legislation passed by the SGA and the current state of our finances.  The numbers are up-to-date and our excel program insures that the numbers are completely accurate.  Take a look for yourself!

Current Spending & Log of Bills

The Student Activity Fee, or SAF, is a mandatory fee that all students at IU South Bend pay each semester.  For the 2013-2014, the SAF is: $31.32/semester for up to 6 credit hours and $62.64/semester for anything above 6 credit hours.

Student Activity Fee Budget

The Bursar's office defines the SAF as follows:
All students enrolled at IU South Bend are assessed a student activity fee to cover the cost of being part of an academic community. It is not assumed that all students will use or partake of the benefits and privileges of participating in this community equally, but there is equal opportunity for access. It is our belief that learning occurs out of the classroom as well as in it, and there is overwhelming evidence based on research to demonstrate that student learning is enhanced by student participation in activities which complement classroom involvement. For this reason, we make out-of-class activities a part of the learning experience and a part of the cost structure. The activities fees cover publications, intercollegiate athletics, student activities(covering a wide range of events arranged by students), the Wellness Center and the Student Activity Center.