2016 Election Results (Total Ballots: 882)

Shail Bhagat* 398
Stephen M. Salisbury** 371
Vice President

Leah Klopfenstein


Nargiza Amirova 367
Collin Sherburne 288

La'zhane Chaffer


Jesse Camper* 363
Levi Klopfenstein 345
Rhonda Redman 340
Anthony Carrasco* 326
Charles Jackson 317
Victoria Correll 301
Katie Edlen 300
Lois Kassem 300
Chanyuan (CheChe) Zhao 298
Kevin Schascheck* 295
Caderia Strickland 285
Brayan Cerrillo 281
Andi Trowbridge** 275
Fardaows Al Shareef** 256
Alvaro Lopez Tadeo 235
Stuart Settle** 230
Joseph Speybroeck 226

*This candidate was deemed ineligible to serve in elected position this year by the Elections Committee due to certain Election Rule infractions.  This ineligibility was determined after a thorough investigation by the Elections Committee, a neutral third-party Appeals Committee, and prior to the certification of the election results.

**These candidates were interviewed then confirmed by the remaining newly elected SGA members to fill the positions that were left open by those who were deemed ineligible.

***A complete report detailing the investigation process and the protocols used to respond to this unique situation is available upon request in the SGA Office (SAC Room 202).

Past Election Results

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