Funding Requests

The Student Government Association allocates funds for events and programs that hold promise of creating student involvment on campus.


  • Student organization registered with both Student Life & the Bursar's Office
  • Department funded by the Student Activity Fee
  • Individual student with sponsorship of two faculty members

The Funding Request Form

Funding Request Packet

Must be…

  • Typed onto this PDF (use Adobe Reader).  A hand-written form will not be considered.
  • Submitted via email to Vice President Leah Klopfenstein at:
  • Submitted no later than 1:00pm Wednesday for consideration at the upcoming meeting.

                               *Supplemental materials may accompany the form & are encouraged!


There are two ways to fill out the form: (1) download the document, fill it out, and then save it; or (2) open the document in your browser, fill it out, and then "print" it to your desktop.  If you do not "print" the document, it will be saved blank.


Please contact an SGA Executive if you have questions.  President Stephen M. Salisbury at, Vice President Leah Klopfenstein at, Treasurer Nargiza Amirova at, or Secretary Stuart Settle at, or stop by the Student Government Association office in the Student Activities Center, Room 202.