CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)

CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States, helping students of all ages earn college degrees faster by getting credit for what they already know. While IU South Bend does not administer CLEP exams on campus, we do offer credit and/or advanced placement for several CLEP subject exams.

The following table lists the CLEP subject exams recognized by IU South Bend. Before you register for a CLEP exam, talk to your academic advisor to determine how the credits will apply toward your program of study.

CLEP Exam IU South Bend
Course Equivalent
Credit Hours Score Required
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (essay required) English L202 3 55
Calculus Mathematics M215 5 55
College Algebra Mathematics M125 3 55
Precalculus Mathematics M115 5 55
General Chemistry Chemistry C101 3 50
Human Growth and Development Psychology P216 3 50
Information Systems
(formerly Information Systems and Computer Applications)
Computer Science A106 3 50
Introductory Psychology Psychology P103 3 50
Principles of Accounting Business A201 3 70
Principles of Management Business W100 3 52
Principles of Microeconomics Economics E103 3 50
Principles of Macroeconomics Economics E104 3 50

IU South Bend does not currently administer the CLEP exam. However, you can take CLEP exams at any of the following local CLEP Test Centers and have your scores sent to IU South Bend:

College/University Contact Number
Bethel College (574) 257-3358
Goshen College (574) 535-7517
Ivy Tech - Elkhart (574) 293-4657, ext. 330
Ivy Tech - South Bend (574) 289-7001, ext. 1235
Ivy Tech - Warsaw (574) 267-5428, ext. 6129
Vincennes University - Elkhart (574) 296-4028

For information on other CLEP testing centers nationwide, visit the College Board Web site.