Threat Assessment Team (TAT)

TAT Focus

Consultation meetings are held to review student behavior
perceived to be potentially dangerous to others or disruptive to
the campus community. Often the behavior is related to
mental health and/or medical issues. Consultation with legal
counsel will be ongoing.

The Team


Karen L. White, Associate Vice Chancellor
Student Services
(574) 520-4273


Linda Chen, Dean of Undergraduate Students and Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs
(574) 520-4520

Morris G. De Geyter Jr., Lieutenant and Supervisor
Safety and Security and Police
(574) 520-5532

Bill O'Donnell, Interim Director
Human Resources
(574) 520-4218

Ricky Ganaishlal, Director
Student Housing & Residential Life
(574) 520-5899

Martin Gersey, Chief
IUSB Campus Police Department
(574) 520-5522

Jim Hasse, Director
Disability Support Services
(574) 520-4832

James Hurst, Director
Student Counseling Center
(574) 520-4125

Janet Kujawa, Secretary to Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services
Student Services
(574) 520-4273

Susan Lee, Director
Affirmative Action
(574) 520-4524