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Requsting and Indiana University Email Address

If you are a registered student organization you can request an IUSB email address.  To do so, your advisor needs to go to the IUSB IT group accounts page.  From this page, your advisor will click on the link to Manage my IU Computing Accounts.  This will require your advisor to login in with his or her username and passphrase.  After logging in, your advisor should go to Create Group Accounts and select Click to request username.  Your advisor will then select a username and enter it to see if the name has already been used.  The name of the group username should be descriptive of your group.  Once the inforamtion requested is entered, your advisor should wait approximately 24 hours for approval.  Logging back into the Create Group Accounts page, the advisor can then create the account.  It is reccomended that group chose to create a microsoft exchange e-mail account.  After the type of account is setup, then the advisor will create a passphrase for the account and be able to give that to you.  You are then setup with your new email address. 

Requesting a Web Address

To request a University Web address, please go to the Request A Club Site link and fill and submit the form.