Suicide Research Team

Many thanks to the Swarm family for their generous endowment to the Psychology department at Indiana University South Bend.

Dr. Daniel DeBrule is the project director of the endowment and supervisor for two research teams at IU South Bend: The Suicide Research Team and the Writing, Anxiety, and Mood Disorder Research Team.

IU South Bend Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Psychology Professor, Dr. John McIntosh also serves as an investigator on the Swarm Fund project. He is an internationally acclaimed suicidologist known for his research on suicide survivors and suicide among the elderly.

The Alice Swarm fund plays an essential role in helping these two teams conduct research and disseminate key findings to professionals and reasearchers around the world.

For a listing of accomplishments and current projects, please click on a research team:

Suicide Research Team

Writing, Anxiety, and Mood Disorder Research Team