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Titan Print Frequently Asked Questions

What is Titan Print?
Titan Print (powered by GoPrint) is an application that provides the ability to manage printing. This management can range from simple monitoring to charging for every page. On this campus we have chosen to provide a “free” allotment paid for by tech fees.

Why was it started on the IU South Bend campus?
We’ve seen so much wasted printing in the labs – tubs of recycled paper. And the amount of paper printed and the cost of paper has risen over the past few years. The campus theme for 2007-2008 academic year was sustainability, so what better time to move toward print management?

How does Titan Print work?
Titan Print intercepts the print jobs when submitted by a user to count the pages and determine if the job is simplex or duplex. The software then determines the cost for the job and presents that to the user via the GoPrint Popup interface. Once the user determines that they want to print the job, the user’s account is decreased by the correct amount and the job is released to the printer. This is a basic summary of a more complex process entailed in the software that IT purchased.

What will the allotment be for students for printing pages?
Your allocation is equivalent of 650 single-sided, black and white pages per semester (summer I & II count as one semester), which is equal to $32.50. Simplex (1-sided) pages cost 5 cents per page. Duplex (2-sided) pages cost 4 cents a side, or 8 cents a page. So duplexing can stretch your printing allotment.

Is color printing available and how much does it cost?
Yes.  Beginning in the Fall 2011 color printing is available in NS-0040, Library and DW-1225 computer labs.  The process to print in color is the same as regular printing.  Depending on your location please select one of these printers NS0040-Color, L118-Color or DW1225-Color.  Keep in mind, however, that color print jobs cost $0.50 cents per page for simplex and $1.00 per page for duplex. 

Will the allotment be enough for students?
According to analysis of data collected last fall and spring, this would cover most if not all student academic printing.

If a student goes over the allotment, what happens?
As of Fall 2008, once a student’s allotment has been used, they must pay for any additional printing needs by adding money to their GoPrint account (not their bursar account).   They can do so by three methods:

  • Pay cash at the Bursar’s Office - the credit will be applied within one work day. 
  • Add cash via the cash-to-account machine in the Information Commons – credit applied immediately.
  • Pay online using your credit card at IUPayPlus – the credit is applied within 24-48 hours. Payments are non-refundable.

I’ve added money to my GoPrint account but my allotment still says $0.00.
Once you’ve added cash to your account by any of the three methods available (Bursar’s Office, Cash-to-Account machine, or IUPay), that amount will be credited to your CASH purse in GoPrint.  Note, the CASH purse is not the default purse that appears when you login to GoPrint.  You must switch to this purse to see or use it.  To select your CASH purse, click on the 'next purse' button on the GoPrint screen.  You also can see your CASH purse when you click on the 'My Account' tab.

How is the Titan Print program funded?
The software and hardware needed for Titan Print were paid for by Information Technologies – not student technology fees. Future upgrades and continuing maintenance will be funded by student tech fees.

How much paper and toner does the university use per month?
During the fall semester, over 1,500,000 pages were printed in the labs. That translates to approximately $8200 for paper for one semester. We spend nearly $60,000 a year on paper and toner for student printing.

What tips do you have for students to help reduce paper usage?
Print only what you need and need what you print!

  • Preview your document to catch errors before printing.
  • Use online documents whenever possible.
  • Use duplex printing whenever possible.
  • If possible, avoid printing from the web.  Store it offline or save it to a file.  If web printing from a web page is necessary, select the portion of the page you need to print and then from the print menu, print only the selected data rather than the whole web page.
  • When printing slides provided by faculty, try printing 3, 4, or 6 on a page rather than just one per page.
  • Avoid printing email.  Save it to a file instead.
  • Ask if assignments can be submitted electronically via Oncourse or email.
  • Use print preview when formatting instead of printing draft copies.  It saves time and effort.

If students need to make extra copies of their assignment for peer editing, are there places to get copies made?
The Copy Center is available to students for making multiple copies. There are also coin-operated copiers on campus.

What is the most usage by a student?
We had one student last fall who printed over 11,000 sheets of paper – that is 22 reams, or over 2 cases of paper!

Is there some sort of disciplinary action for students who abuse the technology on campus?
There are disciplinary actions for some cases of abuse of technology on campus, but printing “too much” was not one that we had any data for until last fall. Printing in the labs is supposed to be for academic purposes, but that is not easily determined or enforced.

Will I be charged for the printing that I am doing in the labs?
All students are granted an allotment per semester of 650 pages billed at $0.05/page, which works out to $32.50. This is paid for by student technology fees.  A committee of staff, faculty and student representatives agreed that this should be sufficient for the vast majority of academic printing on the IU South Bend campus.

Why are we implementing Titan Print? 
IU South Bend wants to curb waste for both environmental and fiscal reasons. Titan Print will allow us to continue meeting the students’ academic printing needs while encouraging better printing habits.

What account do I use to login to GoPrint? 
Use the IU Network ID (username and passphrase) that you use to login on campus computers or access your e-mail or Oncourse account.

Where does the money in the GoPrint Print Management system come from?
The money is a representation of your allotment. Different print jobs may cost different amounts, so the money is a common form of measurement.

How is it that different prints might be charged differently?
A single-sided print job is priced differently than a two-sided (duplex) print job. The costing will allow you to print more information if you conserve paper by duplexing your print jobs.

What is the cost per page for single sided and double sided jobs?
Single sided black and white print jobs are charged at $0.05/side (or page) and double sided (duplex) black and white print jobs are charged at $0.04/side (or $0.08 per piece of paper) for a savings of $0.02 over printing two pages single sided.  Color print jobs are $0.50/ side.

Can I ask for that money from the GoPrint Print Management system that I do not use?
No, you may not recoup the allotment money in any way. This money is a universal means of dealing with costs, and you have been granted enough in your allotment to cover a standard amount of printing.

Will my remaining allotment at the end of the semester be rolled over to the next semester?
The amount remaining in students' GoPrint allotment purse from Fall has been carried forward to Spring. Likewise, any remaining allotment at the end of the Spring semester will be carried forward to the Summer sessions. Each Fall the allotment will be reset to the standard 650 pages and the cycle begins again. 

How do I use the Cash-to-Account Machine to purchase additional pages?

The cash-to-account machine in the Information Commons – credited pages are applied to your GoPrint Cash Purse immediately.

  • Use the keyboard to enter your IU Network ID username and passphrase.
  • The machine accepts $1 = 20 pages, $5 = 100 pages, $10 = 200 pages, or $20=400 pages bills.  No coins.  No credit cards.  *The machine does not issue change.
  • Insert the bill face up.
  • Press the “D” key to indicate you are done or just wait 3-4 seconds.
  • After a pause, a receipt will print.  Pull it down to ensure you tear off the entire receipt.
  • Your receipt will show the date, time, transaction number, your previous balance, amount you just added and your new balance.
  • Please retain the receipt for your records.

How do I use a credit card to purchase additional pages?

You can access the IUPayPlus form from any computer with an Internet connection.  This system will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and JCB. Payments are non-refundable.

  • Enter in the payment amount, then click continue.
  • Complete the card credit information form, then click continue.
  • The credit is applied within 24-48 hours.   

If I need to add funds to my account during the semester, but I don’t use it all, will that rollover to the next semester?
Any money that students add to their GoPrint account WILL rollover each semester as long as they are a student.  But any of that money that remains on their account when they graduate or leave the university will be forfeited.  It will not be reimbursed to the student.  We recommend that you add money to your GoPrint account in small increments.

What if the document I print comes out faded, scrunched, or otherwise unusable?

Your GoPrint account can be reimbursed for missing or unusable printouts that have been charged against your account.  Simply fill out the reimbursement form found on the following url:  Your account will be reimbursed within two working days.