Professional Experience - Secondary

If your undergraduate bachelor's degree cumulative GPA is between 2.500 and 2.999, you must provide documented evidence of "professional experience in the subject [you] wish to teach.

The Secondary Department Faculty have determined that "professional experience" is such that the bachelors degree was a necessary and essential aspect of the qualifications for the position and that use of the bachelors degree content knowledge constituted the vast majority of the experience.

An example of a suitable professional experience might be that of a person who majored in chemistry in their undergraduate degree program. The person was hired by Bayer Laboratories and worked as an industrial chemist for 5 or more years. In this example, a degree in chemistry was necessary and essential to being hired an an industrial chemist and the use of chemistry content knowledge constituted the vast majority of the work.

Conversely, someone who majored in chemistry and was subsequently hired by a swimming pool maintenance company to service swimming pools would not qualify. Likely, a degree in chemistry was not a necessary qualification for the position and, while swimming pool maintenance may require some use of chemicals, application of chemistry content knowledge would likely not constitute a vast majority of work.

Additional Notes:

  • If your undergraduate GPA is 2.499 or below, you do not qualify for Transition to Teaching

  • If your GPA is between 2.50 and 2.999, but you have fewer than 5 years professional experience, you do not qualify for Transition to Teaching.