The Academic Centers for Excellence is comprised of the Writers' Room and the Learning Center on the 4th floor of the Schurz Library, the Math Tutoring Center in Northside 310, and the Computer Science and Informatics Tutoring Center in Northside 209.

The Writers' Room offers drop-in tutoring and WriteWell Coaching.

The Learning Center offers drop-in tutoring and Supplemental Instruction for multiple subjects including chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy/physiology, math, business, economics, computer science, modern languages, music and public speaking. The Learning Center also offers Study Smarter Coaching, Learning Resources and Workshops and Canvas navigation tutoring. See our Canvas Resources page for links to video tutorials created by Canvas.

The Math Tutoring Center offers drop-in tutoring.

                                         Online Tutoring

Please view our directions and/or video tutorial on how to participate in online tutoring sessions.

Note that the computer you use to access online tutoring must have a built-in microphone and speakers.

Please refer to the following links for tutor and course availability/room access.

     Online Tutoring Room-Writing

     Online Tutoring Room-Math

     Online Tutoring Room-Learning Center

If you have any questions, please email the center or stop by.