Information for Faculty

Information for Faculty Brochure (PDF)

The mission of the IU South Bend Academic Centers for Excellence (ACE) is to provide students the opportunity to develop diverse skills and strategies necessary for academic success within a safe and inclusive learning environment. Building strong collaborations with you, the faculty, will help us accomplish that mission.

Here are some ways to partner with the ACE:

  1. Schedule a class visit
    We understand that your class time is valuable, but inviting a representative for as little as five minutes is a great way to encourage students to use our co-curricular resources. In many cases, we can also provide short, interactive, study skills workshops tailored to fit your specific content area.
  2. Add ACE tutors to your Oncourse
    This will enable tutors to stay current with developments in your course. It will also give students an easy way to contact the tutor. Once in Oncourse, click on "Site Setup." Next, click on "Add Participant." Now you can add the email:
  3. Recommending tutors
    If you know an outstanding student you would like to recommend for a position in the Academic Centers for Excellence, please complete a Tutor Recommendation Form and forward it to our office.
  4. Help us promote our services
    If we offer peer tutoring for your class, please make regular announcements in class and encourage students to use these services. You might even consider cutting and pasting this description into your course syllabus (and also posting it in OnCourse):

    The IU South Bend Academics Centers for Excellence offers FREE drop-in tutoring for a wide variety of subject areas that will assist students in improving their study techniques and understanding of course content. The Centers are located on the 4th floor of the Schurz Library and specific courses and tutoring hours can be found on our website.

    Additionally, you might consider attaching a copy of the tutoring schedule to your first exam or regularly putting tutoring hours on the board or on a PowerPoint display.
  5. Refer students to a Study Smarter academic coach
    If you see a student in your class is having difficulty with college-level learning skills, please make a referral to a Study Smarter academic coach.
  6. Contact us about scheduling exam review sessions
    Before a major test, partner with us to offer an exam review session for your class. The tutor will work with you to cover the topics you think should be reviewed and submit all handouts and an outline for the session to you for your feedback prior to the review.
  7. Let us know about take home exam and homework policy
    Tutors are instructed not to assist students in the completion of specific homework problems or take-home tests. However, some instructors do not mind if students engage tutors to complete homework. If this is the case for you, please let us know and we will happily work with your students. Additionally, though as policy we do not assist with take-home exams, we cannot always tell when the student's questions are part of an exam. We need your help to avoid inadvertently providing tutorial assistance in these cases. Please let us know if you give a take-home exam or other assignment which is meant for the student to complete alone.
  8. Help students meet your academic expectations
    During the first few weeks of the semester, you will receive an email notifying you of the tutors assigned to your course. The email will also contain printable flyers that you can link to your course website or post in your office or classroom. Next, the tutors will contact you to discuss your course syllabi and expectations. They will offer to maintain contact with you throughout the semester to ensure that tutoring sessions are meeting student learning needs.
  9. Offer incentives to students for using ACE programs
    Trends in help-seeking research suggest that some students do not seek out academic assistance or voluntarily participate as readily as others, particularly low achieving students (Hodges, Dochen, and Joy, 2001). However, when students are provided with incentives like a token amount of extra credit for seeking out tutoring or academic skills workshops, attendance at such services improves as do the grades of those participating.
  10. Be a guest speaker at one of our training events
    We offer regular, on-going training for tutors. If you would like to be a guest speaker, please let us know.
If you have any questions, please email the center or stop by.