Past SoTL Conferences

2017: James M. Lang (Assumption College, Worchester, MA), Small Teaching: Lessons From The Science Of Learning

2016: Dr. David Pace (Indiana University, Bloomington). Empowering Teaching Through SoTL Communities: Past, Present and Future

2015:  Dr. Todd Zakrajek (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Overcoming Apathy: Increasing Motivation in the Classroom

2014:  Dr. Carol Hostetter (Indiana University, Bloomington).  High Impact Practices: Follow the Evidence!

2013:  Dr. Anthony Ciccone (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).  Learning Matters: Reflections on the Power of Inquiry

2012:  Dr. Hilary Kahn ( Indiana University Bloomington).  At Home and Abroad: Teaching and Learning without Borders

2011:  Dr. Gregory Light (Northwestern University). In Pursuit of Learning:  A Framework for Rethinking Teaching in Higher Education

2010:  Susan Hatfield (Winona State University). Good Practice in Action

2009:  John Seely Brown (Visiting scholar, University of Southern California).  Teaching with Technology

2008:  Dr. James Lang (Assumption College). Cultivating Excellence through Mentoring and Collaboration

2007:  Dr. Milt Cox (Miani University – Ohio).  Building Learning Communities: Blueprints, Scaffolding, and Support Success

2006:  Ken Bain (New York University)  Start with the Student:  Research on How Students Learn

2005:  Dr. Kathleen McKinney (Illinois State University).  Evidence of Learning Through SoTL: The Power of The Student Voice

2004:  Dr. Dennis Jacobs (University of Notre Dame).  Beyond the Ivy: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Civic Engagement

2003:  Dr. Barbara Cambridge (IUPUI). Campus Progress: Organizing to Support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

2002:  Harvey Bender (Notre Dame). Confessions of a Carnegie Scholar: Science as a Human Activity

2001:  Dr. Craig Nelson (IU Bloomington).  How Could I Do Scholarship of Teaching and Learning? Selected examples of Several Different Genres of SOTL

2000:  Eugene Rice (AAHE).  Enlarging What It Means to Be a Scholar: Where Are We?