UCET is here to provide support to improve teaching. The following pages will continued to be updated as new opportunities are made available to faculty and staff.

Teaching Awards:

Click here to view IU and IU South Bend awards and recipients.

Grants to assist teaching and research

UCET/FACET Faculty Development Travel Grants

Mack Fellows Program for support on research projects. Click here to download the application for 2015-2016.

FACET/Mack Center SoTL Travel Grants

CDE Course Development Grants for Online Courses

SEED Grants for Teaching Technology

IU South Bend Curriculum Development Grants

MALT grants for Materials for Active Learning Techniques


Indiana University Conferences

UCET's Midwest Annual SoTL Conference (IU South Bend)

Advancing Learning with Technology (ALT) Symposium (IUPUI)

EC Moore Symposium (IUPUI)

FACET Events & Programs (all campuses)

Conferences across the United States and abroad

Elon University and Kennesaw State maintain great lists of upcoming workshops across the United States and abroad.

Please contact if any of the information above needs to be added to or updated.