Open Classrooms

One of the best ways to get new teaching ideas is to visit someone’s classroom.

Whether the teacher is in your discipline or in a very different area, whether award-winning or a novice, whether using your favorite teaching strategy or something entirely different, you are sure to pick up some great ideas.

If you are interested in a visit, check our list below for faculty who have volunteered to welcome colleagues into their classroom. You may contact the faculty member directly to ask for more information and/or to arrange a visit.




Course type


Beth Kern


200 level, large lecture with activities

Flipped, active learning, peer mentor assist

Betsy Lucal

Sociology, MLS, Women’s & Gender Studies

100-500 level

Flipped classroom, active learning, leading discussions/seminars, teaching large classes, difficult/controversial/sensitive topics, teaching first-year students, use of exemplars

Hope Davis

Secondary Education/ Literacy

(spring only) 400 level, hybrid with on-site meetings, lecture, collaborative activities, and large-/small-group discussion

Complemented by Canvas assignments, surveys, discussion threads; problem-based learning paired with field-experience; application of instructional strategies for reading/literacy in disciplinary fields

Gary Kern

Operations Management  & Information Technology(B&E)

200 & 300 level, flipped class with problem-solving, case discussions, lab sessions

Flipped classroom, active learning activities

Julia Gressick


200 level ed psych with lectures and activities; 300 level hybrid project-based instructional technology

Gamification, problem and project-based learning, online learning 

Barb White


Pediatric nursing, 300 level

Clickers, case stidies, and coloring

Sharon Jones


300 level

Case studies, active learning, Canvas

Dé Bryant

Community Psych 

300 level and 400 level with simulations and team tasks

Flipped, active learning, problem-based learning 

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