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Learn and Earn
Program for Associate Faculty

Academic Affairs has funded the Learn and Earn program that lets Associate Faculty (part-time) earn Faculty Development Units (FDU’s) for participation in a range of faculty development activities. Modeled after the Continuing Education Units required by many professions, 1 FDU represents about an hour of faculty time. Compensation is Additional Pay, at a rate of $10 per FDU. This program begins retroactively as of July 1, 2014.

Faculty Development Units (FDU) Options

New Faculty Orientation; (2.5 FDU)

UCET Digital Badges (badge per level = 10 FDU)
Note: Faculty must consult with UCET staff PRIOR to beginning a badge to agree on an appropriate plan.

Institutes: Course Design, Active Learning, etc. (Completion of Institute = 20 FDU)

Faculty Learning Communities (Completion = 5 FDU)

Teaching/Learning partnerships (Completion of partnership = 5 FDU + materials)

Conference attendance (1 FDU)
Note: Associate Faculty may bring their conference program and notes to UCET for confirmation. FDU’s may NOT be earned for conference attendance that has already been supported by the campus through travel or registration expenses.

Other activities (FDUs vary)
Other faculty development activities such as UCET Workshops may earn FDU’s if approved by both Academic Affairs and the UCET Director.

More details:

  • Faculty are responsible for signing in for UCET activities they attend and documenting other work (e.g. badges, conference attendance) at UCET. No other paperwork required.
  • Associate Faculty can earn a maximum of 30 FDU’s, or $300, per semester.
  • If an activity bridges across two semesters, FDU’s will be earned at the end of the semester of completion.
  • Additional Pay will be added to the last paycheck of the semester.
  • Faculty may not be compensated twice for the same activity, for example workshops attended in the course of pursuing a digital badge.


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