UCET Teaching Fellows Program

Our UCET Teaching Fellows outreach program provides resources and support for you to share your skills and knowledge with colleagues. Teaching Fellows will provide workshops, consultations, or work on projects with their colleagues to improve the overall quality of teaching on our campus. Preference will be given to projects that focus on a particular course sequence or department and projects that are likely to have a strong impact on student learning.

Fellowship benefits:

Fellows may receive up to $2,500 for a one-semester project. Our total budget is $5,000 per year.

This money can be used for:

  • expenses (e.g. travel, books, technology, copying)
  • summer pay
  • course release (adjunct replacement)


Who?  All fulltime continuing (not visiting) faculty are eligible.
When? Deadline is October 21, 2016. Next deadline is April 4, 2017.
How?   Send your application materials as a single pdf file to  

Selection will be made by a small committee of UCET staff and advisory board members.

Application should include:

  • Brief (1-2 page) statement explaining what you would to do to promote faculty development for teaching in your unit or more generally on campus.
  • A description of your qualifications to lead that effort (or how you will gain those qualifications)
  • Estimated timeline and budget. (If asking for release time, your timeline should justify it.)
  • Brief statement of support from your chair/dean. If release time is requested, that must be specifically approved by the chair/dean. (May be emailed separately.)


Upon acceptance, the UCET Teaching Fellow will meet with the UCET director and staff to develop a more detailed plan with a timeline for achieving their goals. UCET staff can help with consultations, hosting events, secretarial support, etc. Fellows will meet regularly with the UCET director and submit a final report (2-4 pages) describing their activities and the final outcomes. The UCET website will have a page listing Fellows, with links to the reports of the past Fellows.

Examples of projects:

  • Provide workshops and consultations on a particular pedagogy appropriate to your discipline.
  • Lead a new initiative in your unit to substantially change the way a course sequence is taught.
  • Complete FACET Peer Review training and then do peer reviews for colleagues as well as encourage them to seek the training.
  • Your idea here!

Click here to download a copy of the Fellow flyer [PDF].


Fall 2015 Teaching Fellow

Gary Kern
Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics. Gary will be supporting colleagues as they move the MBA program to a hybrid format.

View Gary's Teaching Fellow Proposal

View Gary's Teaching Fellow Report

Summer 2016 Teaching Fellow

Betsy Lucal
Sociology and Anthropology. Betsy will be supporting colleagues to learn best practice in working with Peer Mentors.

View Betsy's Teaching Fellow Proposal

View Betsy's Teaching Fellow Report

Fall 2016 Teaching Fellow

Kathy Sullivan
U100, School of Education. Kathy will be educating U100 instructors and peer mentors on the theory and research on Mindset, developing materials for use with students, and make presentations to other campus units. 

View Kathy’s Teaching Fellow Proposal

Spring 2017 Teaching Fellow

(We had a one-time opportunity to fund three fellows in Spring 2017)

Cathy Borshuk
Psychology. Cathy will work with colleagues to develop and share a set of best practices to foster conversations about justice, equality, and inclusivity.

View Cathy’s Teaching Fellow Proposal

Terri Hebert
Education. Terri will work with colleagues to encourage the use of place-based learning.

View Terri’s Teaching Fellow Proposal

Roxanne Wolfram
Nursing. Roxanne will work with the Nursing faculty to encourage peer review of teaching.

View Roxanne’s Teaching Fellow Proposal

Fall 2017 Teaching Fellow

Carolyn Schult
Psychology. Carolyn will lead the new Classroom Assessment Institute, learn about discipline-specific assessment techniques, and provide stand-alone workshops and consultations across the campus. 

Teaching Fellow Committee Members

Gwynn Mettetal
Gary Kern
Betsy Lucal
Kathleen Sullivan