UCET Digital Badges

Are you working on a new strategy in the classroom or for career development? UCET has a new program called "UCET Digital Badges" to reward faculty who continue to strive to innovate and improve their teaching or faculty development skills. Think of it as an independent study course for faculty.

How does it work? First talk to UCET about your plans - whether it involves redesigning your course, implementing technology in the classroom, or faculty development. We will then guide you through the process of earning your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Badge. The process is simple and the possible topics are endless, so don't be afraid to come to us with your idea!

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UCET Digital Bronze Badge


Goal Create a plan to implement a new teaching and/or learning strategy in a future course. Create specific goals and design materials.
Learn Learn basic concepts through a combination of UCET workshops, a learning community, outside workshops, or independent reading
Consult with UCET, mentor, or expert about implementing your plan
Reflection Indicate (1) why the idea/plan interests you and (2) what impact you expect
Document Document (1) dates and details of consultations and learning (2) written plans or material, and (3) reflection

UCET Digital Silver Badge

SILVER BADGE - Implement

 Goal Implement the plan you created and assess how well it worked. Reflect on future changes to improve your teaching strategy. (Prerequisite - Bronze Badge)
 Learn Learn more advanced concepts
Consult with UCET, mentor, or expert as needed for implementation help
 Reflection Indicate (1) how the idea/plan went and (2) whether or not the idea/plan had the impact you expected
 Document Document (1) materials developed, (2) evidence of outcomes, and (3) reflection
 Share Share on-campus as UCET workshops, department brownbag, etc.

UCET Digital Gold Badge

GOLD BADGE - Refine & Share

 Goal Implement a revised plan utilizing the changes made from previous semester's course (same setting or different setting). (Prerequisite - Silver Badge)

Keep learning!

Participate in peer review
 Reflection Indicate (1) how your revised plan worked over time, (2) how it impacted you professionally and (3) further steps that can be taken to improve further
 Document Document (1) peer review letter and (2) reflection
 Share Share off campus at conference, blog, publication etc.

NOTE: To download or print a copy of a flier for distribution click here. Faculty are responsible for providing short electronic portfolios to document their accomplishments. The portfolios will be reviewed by at least three people, including one UCET staff member and one member of the UCET Advisory Board.

Examples of Topics
Teaching Teaching with Technology Career Development
Academic Integrity eTexts PTR Process
Conducting SoTL Oncourse Tools Mentoring Faculty
Course Design Presentation Methods Leadership
Flipping the Classroom Gaming in the Classroom
Motivating Students
Service Learning