Copyright & Fair Use FAQ

Below is a list of commonly asked questions by faculty on campus pertaining to copyright and Fair Use for educational purposes. While the answers below are a great start to learning about copyright, it is not legal advise and you should always consult with someone if questioning whether your content may be copyright protected.

What resources are available on IU South Bend's campus?

We have a number of resources that can help answer your questions surrounding copright and fair use in teaching. Craig Finlay, a Scholarly Communication Librarian for the Schurz Library, is available to answer basic questions and concerns regarding copyright and Fair Use. Daniel Janicki, an Instructional Technology Specialist for UCET, can also field questions and direct you to the appropriate resources whether it is someone on our campus, an IU affiliate, or an online resource.

Should I be concerned about copyright when using Oncourse, YouTube, or Echo 360?

It is always important to consider copyright regardless of the location of the material. While it helps when content is shared inside a privately accessible site such as Oncourse or Echo 360, the material is still be subject to copyright laws. If you have questions or concerns, it is best to contact someone and ask!

What are the Library and Media Services policies on course packs and media digitization?

The Library and Media Services closely follow the guidelines set by the Fair Use doctrine. In short, this is a brief summarization of the considerations for whether your media falls under Fair Use. This can be used as an informal assessment, however, these are NOT the only consideratiions that will be made.

Purpose of the Use: What is the academic value of the work (criticism, comment, news reporting, general teaching, scholarship, research etc.).

Nature of Work:  Is it still under copyright? Is part of Creative Commons? Is it fictional, creative work or non-fiction?

Extent of the Use: How much of the work needs to used? For example, do you need to use the whole film or a specific clip?

Economic Impact: Is there a realistic option for purchasing or licensing the copyrighted work? Are there streaming services that offer the video for an acceptable fee?

Where can I find out more?