Course Evaluation Systems

There are two evaluation systems available to IUSB departments. One is electronic which is called Explorance Blue. The other is analog and needs an Apperson scanner and forms.

Explorance Blue

Explorance Blue is a web-based electronic evaluation system. The system is specifically designed to provide academic institutions the ability to conduct their end-of-semester course evaluations. However, given the flexible design of the system, the user can develop several kinds of forms for different purposes and applications.  To learn more about this system, please click here.


The analog evaluation system is housed at UCET.  Daniel Janicki is the contact person for training or for consultation when ordering the appropriate forms (e.g., filling-in-the-bubble) for your needs.  After ordering the forms and before giving them to your students, please cross-check with Daniel to ensure that the forms you received are the correct forms for scanning.  Please also tell your students to use pencils to complete the surveys.  Below are examples of the forms you might need:

20 questions survey form

40 question survey form

50 questions survey form

100 questions survey form