VHS Support

Reliable VHS players are increasingly difficult to find, and VHS tapes are becoming brittle, worn and subject to irreparable damage.  And, once the current supply of replacement players is depleted, VHS players that fail will not be replaced.  So, if you have a VHS title that you can’t do without, now is the time to consider alternatives.


1. Replace with DVD version

If a VHS title is available in the medium you want (such as DVD), then you need to purchase it.  In some cases, the Library may be able to purchase a copy that may be used in class. 

 2. Convert to DVD.

Media Services will convert a VHS title for which you are the copyright owner, or which has been legally obtained and for which you have received express written permission to digitize from the copyright holder.

3. Digitize a small portion to include in PowerPoint

Media Services may be able to digitize a small portion of the work (typically less than 10%) and save it in a format that may be embedded into PowerPoint.

4. Purchase streaming rights

Many media distributors make titles available to students on the web.  A few titles are currently available through the Schurz Library, and others may be purchased through vendors such as Swank.

5. Request that the Library purchase a copy for your students to view in the Library.


VHS Flowchart

Updates to this page provided by the IU South Bend VHS support committee.  For technical support please contact the IT Helpdesk  For pedagogical support please contact the University Center for Excellence in Teaching