2010 Tech Fair & SEED Grant Recipients

Hardware Onsite and SEED Grant Recipients
In 2010, we had HP tablet PC; Apple iPad; Apple iPod Nano; different types of microphones, including wireless; digital videocameras; cyberpads, and others.

35 First Annual SEED Grant Recipients (in alphabetical order):

Raman Adaikkalavan
Computer Science
Sushma Agarwal
Jannette Alexander
Michelle Bakerson
Elizabeth Bennion Political Science
Sydney Bontrager
Susan Cress Education
Julie Elliott Library
Hossein Hakimzadeh Computer Science
Julio Hernando World Language
Barbara Keith Nursing
Yvonne Larrier Education
Gwynn Mettetal Education
Matt Mooney Education
Marilyn Nash Education
Bruce Nowlin Education
Catherine Pace Math
Alicia Purcell Arts
P.N. Saksena Business & Economics
Judy Schafer Dental
Henry Scott Physics
Denise Skarbek Education
Ken Smith English
Bruce Spitzer Education
Connie Sprague Education
Rebecca Torstrick Sociology/Anthropology
Tracey Trottier Political Science
Mihaela Vajiac Math
James VanderVeen Sociology/Anthropology
Bruce Watson Education
Joshua Wells Sociology/Anthropology
Emily Williams Education
Dennis Wolf Math
LuAnn Woodrick Nursing
Diane Youngs Education