Mentor Matching

Teaching & Career Mentors

We can assist you in finding the appropriate faculty mentor to meet your needs.  For instance, you might be a new faculty member who would like someone outside your department to assist you in understanding the Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment (PTR) process.  Or, you might have heard of a faculty member who shares the same interests as you do and you would like to learn more about his/her pedagogy and practice. 

One of our staff members will schedule an initial consultation with you to ascertain your preferences and needs.  We will then contact a prospective mentor.  Once s/he agrees to be your mentor, we will provide you with his/her contact information so you can make arrangements to meet with him/her.  The UCET Board of Advisors is a common source of mentors.

Please send your requests to  Please provide as much detail as possible, including your contact information, best time to call you, etc. 

Technology Mentors

Your UCET Tech Mentor might just be right around the corner!  The Tech Mentors are faculty volunteers who are the liaisons between their respective departments as well as office neighbors (same building and floor) and UCET.  If you have a technology-related question or concern, you may want to convey that to your Tech Mentor.  S/he will answer those questions the best way s/he can.  If not, s/he will contact UCET for more information.  UCET holds periodic meetings with Tech Mentors to update them on issues and instructional tools available on campus. 

While our Tech Mentors have a wide range of technology skills and knowledge, some of them may know more than others.  The Tech Mentors could help you with how to do podcasts, how to use Oncourse CL as an integral part of your course, how to navigate OneStart as well as how to use Adobe Connect (formerly known as Breeze) meeting service, Office 2007/2010, wikis, etc.  If they can't answer your questions they can point you towards finding an answer.

To find your Tech Mentors, look for a sign/ID posted on their doors.  The names and departments of each Tech Mentor are listed below.  If your department is not listed and you see a Tech Mentor’s name whose office is near yours, feel free to contact that individual. 

1)  Barbara Keith (Nursing & Health Professions)
2)  Vincci Kwong (Library)
3)  Tammy Fong-Morgan (World Languages)
4)  Bruce Spitzer (Education)
5)  Ken Smith (English)
6)  Dennis Wolf (Math)
7)  Liqiang Zhang (Informatics)
8)  Mark Schroeder (Decision Science/B&E)
9)  Murli Nair (Biological Sciences)