Peer Review of Teaching

The UCET Peer Review of Teaching program is designed to provide you with timely, practical, and confidential feedback about your teaching in a particular class.  Peer Review of Teaching gives formative (not evaluative) feedback to help you improve your teaching.

What is involved?

The process begins with an initial meeting between you and the Peer Review of Teaching consultant.  During this meeting, the consultant gets background information on the course and learns about any particular concerns that you may have.  You should provide the consultant with a syllabus and some sample course materials, such as exams and assignments.  You and the consultant will also decide how to gather information.

Next, the consultant gathers data about your teaching through several means.  He or she observes your class several times, paying particular attention to issues that concern you.  Videotaping can be arranged at your request.  Student perceptions may be assessed through a questionnaire and/or small group discussions. The consultant will also discuss your own perceptions of your teaching.

After analyzing the information, the consultant will meet with you to discuss your teaching strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the consultant, yourself, and your students.  Then you and the consultant will discuss possible changes in your teaching strategies to take advantage of your strengths and to remove weaknesses.

If you wish, the consultant can continue to work with you as you implement new teaching strategies.  Additional observations, questionnaires, and group discussions can be scheduled. Consultants include UCET staff members and faculty at IU South Bend who have been trained through UCET. 

These consultations are completely confidential.  You are the only person who receives feedback.  If you want to be observed for evaluation purposes, we encourage you to ask a senior member of your unit to observe your class, or contact UCET for ideas.

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