Helping instructors receive midterm feedback to improve their students’ learning experiences.

What is the purpose of Student Focus Groups?

Student focus groups provide the opportunity for faculty to work with a facilitator to gather feedback from groups of students in their course (for 25-30 minutes) about what is helping them to learn and what could improve their learning experiences.

Why conduct Student Focus Groups? Gathering perspectives from students in focus groups is one of the best ways to help instructors:

  • find out what they are doing well in the course
  • determine if there might be better ways to facilitate the course so that the same students who gave the feedback may benefit from the improvements
  • improve their students’ level of motivation because students perceive that their instructor cares about improving their learning experiences
  • place extreme student opinions in context which, in turn, increases the validity of students’ feedback regarding their learning experiences
  • improve their end-of-semester course ratings when students perceive that they benefit from the feedback they provided to the instructor

When are they conducted?

Student Focus Groups usually begin midway in the semester.

How do I find out more?

Contact UCET via e-mail (