About the URJ 2017

IU South Bend offers a myriad of opportunities for undergraduate research.  The IU South Bend Undergraduate Research Journal is a refereed journal of outstanding scholarship featuring the original work of IU South Bend undergraduates.  This publication is committed to highlighting that research and praising our undergraduate colleagues for their academic success. 

We welcome submissions from undergraduates in every academic discipline represented on the IUSB campus.  Each year, we strive to produce a journal which demonstrates the strength of undergraduate scholarship at IUSB.  We have the distinct pleasure of granting students the opportunity to express their ideas to a broader academic audience.  Our authors are encouraged to demonstrate the following techniques in their high-caliber research writing: 

  • Innovative Contribution or Interpretation – original research or novel ideas which engage with and/or contribute to others’ research.
  • Rich Content – bringing forth various techniques, results, research data, or publishable findings within the article presented cohesively and referenced as appropriate.
  • Topical Fluency – exhibiting not only knowledge of the material facts or theories, but also the ability to engage in a salient discussion of the issues with the reading audience.

The URJ is one of several student-run publications on the IUSB campus, and proudly so.  All editors-in-chief and assistant editors are undergraduates who collaborate with the student authors and are integral in evaluating, compiling and designing each year’s edition.  The final published product showcases the exemplary scholarship of IU South Bend’s student body.

To submit your research paper to this year's journal, please see the Submission Guidelines.  Also, be sure to include a completed Faculty Checklist with your submission.