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The Tale Of Anansi and how Wisdom came into the World

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Females Play a Weighting Game
      Geri Bryan

The Coup and The Phoenix
      Timothy Cavinder

A Consideration of Camus's The First Man as a Postcolonial Work
      Carol Elliott

Mathematical Scheduling
      Robert Gibbons and Dean Johnson

How Does Education in Urban Schools Compare to Suburban Schools?
      Amy Golba

Parents' Response to Children's Behavior in Restaurants
      Bonnie Hennesey

Marital Interaction: What Are Its Predictors?
      Susan Herrick

Motivational Factors That Keep Women Silent About Sexual Harassment
      Patricia A. Marvel

The Chinese Bandit Menace in 1930
      Jodi McEndarfer

Synthesis and Electrochemical Analysis of Several Triruthenium Alkylidine Carbonyl Clusters
      James T. McFadden

The Underground Railroad in Indiana
      Kelly Rimsa

Lei's International Cafe: Costa Rica Environment Analysis
      Lei Zheng

Honors Freshman Research Seminar Participants

Cuts in Welfare Benefits to Immigrants: Justifiable or Detrimental?
      Jeremy Forst

Consumer Reservations Concerning Internet Commerce
      Aaron Higginbotham

The English Language Amendment
      Holly Hudson

Chinese Interracial Families
      Lin Lu

Continuing Education During the Work Day
      Jamie Odom