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To the Reader: A Letter from Dr. Steven Shore
Vivisection: A Warranted Practice? - PDF
Michelle Carter

Clear Communication - PDF
Timoteo Chown

Censorship of the Internet: The Job of Parents, Not Government - PDF
Filomena Cutugno

Melting Down the Armor: The Soldier Portrayed Through Cinematic History - PDF
Sharon Dettmer

Acquaintance Rape and the Attribution of Responsibility: The Role of Alcohol and Individual Differences - PDF
Jacque Fogle

Overview of Employee Empowerment: Do's and Don'ts - PDF
Heloisa Fragoso

Holding up Half the Heavens: The Effect of Communist Rule on China's Women - PDF
Jessica Fulton

Population Genetic Structure of Acacia Brevispica from East Africa - PDF
Joseph Harsh

The Paradox of the Two Christian Faiths - PDF
David Healey

The Effects of Similarity on Altruism and its Relationship to Predicted versus Actual Helping Behavior - PDF
Deborah Lichtenbarger

The Appropriation of Masculine Discourse and the Disruption of Gender Identity in Chaucer's "The Merchant's Tale" - PDF
Alan Lopez

Violence in the Cattle Towns - PDF
Jodi McEndarfer

From Perception to Viewpoint: Four African American Perspectives on Affirmative Action - PDF
John Pankow

Identification of Guanosine as the Nucleoside Moiety of the Molybdopterin Cofactor of Arsenite Oxidase - PDF
Shahir Rizk

The Negative Effect of Trade Barriers on the United States Economy - PDF
Kristin Ross

Forecasting for an Auto Parts Manufacturer Using Least Inaccuracy Cost Criteria - PDF
Rami Sadek

The Relationship between Social Approval and Divorce Adjustment - PDF
Pam Smith

The Rifle-Musket vs. The Smoothbore Musket: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of the Two Types of Weapons Primarily at Short Ranges - PDF
Justin Stanage

Thoughts on Ancient Egyptian Mathematics - PDF
Kim Zahrt