Undergraduate Research Journal

Volume 5


Indiana University South Bend
Table of Contents

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Editorial Staff
Letter to the Reader

Margery Kempe's Mysticism Explored
Elizabeth Brenneman

Antecedents of Attitudes Towards the Poor
Chris Coryn

Death and Presentation : How Mortality Salience and Framing Affects Attitudes Toward Welfare Recipients
Sarah C. Guthrie

The Effect of Information and Prior Contact on Attitudes Towards Mental Illness
Amanda Hahn

The "Evils" of Television: The Amount of Television Viewing and School Performance Levels
Angela Hershberger

The Wife of Bath's Prologue: One Woman's Response to Early Diatribe and Mysogynist Views
Laurie Jacobs

The Depths of Allegory in Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown"
Laurie Jacobs

Discrimation in the Workplace Due to Family Responsibilities
Anita Keller

Self-Esteem in Young Adults: The Effects of Parental Divorce in Childhood
Dawn Krider

Allied Anxiety and the Daily Dispatch
Darren Lacey

Why We Couldn't Get Enough: Clinton's Legacy of Entertainment
Carl Lestinsky

The Internment and Relocation of Japanese-Americans
Arica Meller

Isolation of Peptides Containing Solvent Accessible Histidines in Arsenite Oxidase from Alcaligenes faecalis
Andrew Namanja

Localization of Kinetochore-Associated XKCM1 in PtK2 Cells
Rania Rizk

War on the Budget Plan: The Elizabethian War with Spain
Michael Vogel

The Mongol Connection: Mongol Influences in the Development of Moscow
Michael Vogel

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