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Account Privileges for Desktops FAQ

  1. Will any software that has been installed on our computers be kept? (no deletion?)
    Software that is currently installed on your computer will NOT be deleted or changed in any way.  Only your ability to update existing or install new software will be changed.

  2. Will IT install new software for faculty when they need it?
    Yes.  When software needs to be installed, users should contact the Helpdesk via email ( or phone 520-5555, and the staff will either install the software remotely, or visit your office to do so.

  3. How will Adobe patches and updates be applied?
    IT plans to push out Adobe patches and updates on a regular basis, similar to the way they currently push out Microsoft patches. We will also be updating other 3rd party products that are prone to attacks via the net. These would include FireFox, iTunes, QuickTime, among others.

  4. Will we be able to install software from IUware?
    Many of the applications on IUware have already been installed on your PC.  The Adobe products need a special code for office computers anyway, so downloading and installing yourself is not advisable.  IT plans to put these popular packages on the installs tab which will allow you, with user rights, to install on your computer.

  5. What will be the procedure for downloading software from a CD, or from a vendor website (i.e., not on the IU network)?
    You will be able to download the software, but the Helpdesk would need to install it for you.  If this is something you need to do on a regular basis, you may request a local administrator account.

  6. I currently use Remote Desktop to access my office computer from home.  Will I still be able to do this without administrative privileges?
    Yes.  Contact the Helpdesk who will make the necessary changes to allow you to continue your access from home.

  7. How quickly will the Helpdesk be able to install software for me?
    In most cases the Helpdesk will install the software the day it is requested.  Please provide lead time whenever you are able to do so.

  8. Will this change the way I use my computer or the applications on it?
    No. Your day-to-day use of the machine should continue without change. You will still be able to create documents and store them on your O: drive or in My Documents. You will have access to IU e-mail and the web browsers installed should still work fine among other things.